Prolific Rapper $Tragedy$ Drops New Album “Phase One”

Born and raised in Phoenix $Tragedy$ navigated through orphanages and foster homes throughout his childhood. During this time he was cultivating his sound and striving to show anyone who would listen that you decide your fate and decide who you are going to be in life. From lighting up stages all around the country and racking up over a quarter million streams on streaming services $Tragedy$ is ambitious with his foot on the gas and showing no signs of slowing down. 

“Phase One” is the latest album from powerhouse rapper and lyricist,$Tragedy$’s and we’re bumping it on repeat. The title track “Phase One” is fitting for an intro track. It offers a string of delicately passionate vocals, heavy yet mellow paced beats, and lyrics that deal directly with personal turmoil and modern life.An easy highlight from the new album is “Smoke”, a song that starts out well and continues to build in a refreshing way throughout. Even at barely past the two minute mark, there are moments of varied melody, beat refrain, and even rap, that help create something structurally intentional yet still always rhythmically entrancing and connected enough to really envelop the listener. Tracks like “Blessed” hit with a little more impact, a stronger beat that picks up the pace, yet still you get eclectically set-up sections, throughout all of which $Tragedy$ presents his dreamlike scenes and simple lines in a manner suggestive of an authentic truth and artistry. “Different” is another track from $Tragedy$ that sees the intensity rise a little, and with this comes a quietly haunting yet anthem-like track that’s perhaps one of the most memorable on the project! Worthy production meets with subtle creativity and a clear understanding of today’s hip hop landscape.

“Lost in My Mind” Ft. Reno Rich follows on with a similar sense of urgency and purpose, raising the darkness and intensity, welcoming Reno Rich on board to add a touch of dynamic. Conceptually things continue to get all the more interesting and unique. $Tragedy$’s voice sounds powerful, smart and stylish yet also passionate and sincere enough to hold your attention. As the album continues, $Tragedy$ makes sure to keep things musically eclectic, allowing this to feel like a complex and consistently interesting playlist. “Game Point” FT. Sincerely Collins redirects things towards a brighter soundscape and a level of optimism. Another powerful story-line works hard to keep things real. “Change Up” Ft. Xiris  then moves with a sense of melancholy and self-reflection, a poetic and deeply thoughtful song that seems perfectly well-suited to those late and sleepless nights spent lost in our own minds. A personal favorite for the mellow vibe and the honesty “Change Up” is a brilliant hit of escapism. “Stay Away” furthers the personal touch and the haunting vibe, drawing you in further and building upon that connection with the artist. It adds a level of lightness with a finely crafted and near-organic soundscape. Some brilliant lyricism strikes again, too many gems to point out as this quality is something that rings true throughout the entire album. 

The album comes to a close with the piano-led delicacy of “First Place”. $Tragedy$ delves back into his personal journey, his story pours through in detail, fusing scene-setting with intimate reflections on the emotional impact of certain events. $Tragedy$ keeps things unquestionably real, and that connects intensely on this record. “Phase One” brings through a conceptual playlist that features an artist showcasing a certain balance between that which is deeply personal, and that which is a little more vague and broadly accessible. The whole album will propel $Tragedy$’s career to new heights and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next. The storytelling aspects of “Phase One” have me addicted from start to finish. I think that $Tragedy$ is incredibly talented and skilled at connecting with his fans. He writes lyrics that speaks to the listeners and music for anyone to vibe to. No stranger to success, his album “Phase One” is yet another big step in the right direction for SALLYWHITE.

Check out “Phase One” here and read more below in our exclusive interview below!

Hi $Tragedy$! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and your upbringing into music?

As a kid I was raised listening to a lot of gospel and r&b so I always wanted to be a singer coming up. I didn't really listen to much rap in my childhood because my mom didn't like violent music due to the association with my father. Later in childhood I ended up in group homes and foster care where the ability to rap was brought into question after i discovered 2 pacs better days album, that was the turning point and I really began to take on a revolutionary approach started listening to Nas and freestyling and the rest is HISTORY!

Who are you musical influences? Why?

2 pac, 50 Cent, Nas, Jay-z, Drake, Royce Da 5'9, Joe Budden, Eminem, Ne-Yo, Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, Kanye West, Lil Wayne

What inspires your writing?

The people's belief in me an also just the drive to show the world there is more to me than just a rap song.

What was the overall theme of your album “Phase One”? What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

The overall feeling behind Phase One is implied in the title! It means our work is just starting we are in the first stages of a major break through over here at team Tragedy! Not just in music but in every other aspect of life as well! I hope everyone walks away from the album with the understanding that no matter who you are no one can tell you how you should live and what your fate in this world is!

What’s next for $Tragedy$?

Bigger and better stages for sure and for the immediate future knocking out some visuals to this album I just dropped. I also do a podcast with my Actual Factual brothers its called Actual Factuals Podcast we are having some pretty big guest come on soon so tune in to YouTube for that. I also have a cypher series I founded called All Heart Cypher Series hope to release our 4th episode by the start of 2020 we are up to a half a million views across all platforms! Check out TeamTragedy.com

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