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Promising Electronic Producer Charts His Course With Fun, Crisp, Tracks

It’s easy to listen to this kind of EDM. With "Stuck on You," Ryder Sinclair demonstrates he can drop the bounce and crispness of Marshmello(s) for a world of livestreams and emoji shit-posting. Because it's obvious all the ins-and-outs of the number have been thought through and honed like science homework when you need to raise your grade at the end of the semester. It’s got those mini breakdowns, shimmers and hits you might hear on the poppy stuff from Steve Aoki’s podcast. This Finnish artist counts David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Kygo, and Flume as influences. But you could probably figure that out just by listening to the song.

Luckily, there’s still something juvenile and innocent about his work. Because once he gets more booty-oriented with apparently deeper themes – which I can almost assure you is inevitable in the years to come – you might risk losing that goofy edge that makes you genuinely smile here. Because this makes for a great snowboarding tune on a sunny day with decent powder. More than anything I think about this as Monstercat-type music, with a Spinnin’ Sessions maraschino cherry on top. We're always wondering how the kids today have mastered modern electronic songwriting, and this is a perfect example. Just don’t expect mind-expanding 4 a.m.-club vibes just yet. There’s plenty of life to live before we get there.

Listen to "Stuck On You" here, and use the links below to connect with Ryder Sinclair!



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