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Promising RnB Artist AJIA Releases Her Record "Sentimental Easing”

Fresh out the blocks for 2019 is the emerging sublime new single titled "Sentimental Easing" by the soulful songstress Ajia. The track sees her team up once again with rising hot producer Mr Ryan Price. Together they have delivered a piece of magic. Bringing old school RnB into a wider mainstream audience is their ultimate goal. Ajia is hoping to establish herself as one of modern RnB’s most fascinating voices and we believe she may accomplish that goal with a record like “Sentimental Easing”.

“Sentimental Easing” has a lustrous introduction that remains consistent throughout the duration of this glossy song. With smooth-sailing vocals and a texturized instrumental, Ajia delivers a polished vibe that we can add to all our iconic RnB playlists. Aija gives a light sensual aura surrounding the record which is the epitome of most RnB music in my opinion. The genre of RnB is so beautiful because we can share a unique omen with another companion who gives us a sense of contentedness and relaxation through the soulful and passionate music. Ajia projects those quality traits and elements in "Sentimental Easing" which in my opinion, creates a more lasting effect of longevity if we’re thinking about how successful the record could be. "Sentimental Easing" could translate well across all you organic and incense lighting rnb fans or even those who are more into the urban subculture of RnB music where they contain suave vocal resonance but on a more trap sounding beat. Ajia created such a digestible song that it could be inevitably weave between the lines of both!

Catch Ajia's "Sentimental Easing" now on Spotify, and scroll down to read on Ajia's inspiration for her EP.


Let’s talk a little bit more about your past EP “Visions”. It seemed to generate a lot of great buzz for you! What was your favorite song off the EP and why?

I would say real love as it was the first time I was truly honest and 100% open about something that was happening in my life. Before that I would speak 20% of my truth in my music. Since ‘Real Love ‘ I’ve been an open book which had been so therapeutic for me. 

Speaking on the name of the EP, was there any set future you had for it?

My aim is always to spread happiness and love and want everyone to feel the joy I do every time I play a song . The future goal is for everyone to hear my music world wide spreading that excitement I get when I hear my favourite song. 

What was your inspiration behind writing sentimental easing?

This song came from a conversation I had with friends about relationships where some just didn’t want to get into anything serious anymore and just wanted to focus on self love. Some of them felt like the word love had lost its meaning because it was said so much it became nothing more than just a word. In this day and age where we hear about people breaking up and getting a divorce on a daily the idea of true love seems so rare. There’s been many times where I’ve watched romantic movies with my friend  and we’re like “this doesn’t happen in real life”. The idea of love at this point seems like a thing that happens in fairytale.

What’s next for you Ajia?

A lot more new music, more live shows and more collaborations.


Connect with Ajia through the artist's Instagram and Twitter!


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