PROMKNGHT Gives Us A Romantic Song For The Summer, “Such A Fool”

Phajean Francis goes by the stage name of “PROMKNGHT”, and he’s an American recording artist and songwriter who was born in Miami, Florida but raised right out of the boogie down Bronx. The singer not only has he been recording and writing music independently since the age of 16, but also was skilled with graphic designing and engineering as a daily hobby.

He premieres his latest record titled “Such A Fool” and this song begins with a smooth, sensual , and soulful melodic introduction. You quickly realize this vibe remains consistent throughout the entire song. PROMKNGHT's voice is sensational. When he sings it’s like you receive magic from his articulation. “Such A Fool” is a song that can be dedicated to the perfect romantic partner. The passionate lyrics gave us the perfect lovey dovey aesthetic that will enhance your amorous feels. It quickly shifts your mindset on that special someone, and you hone in on the lyrics, relating it to your own love life. The hook was infectious, I had to replay this song over and over because everything had me addicted. From the tone of his voice, to the melody, to the beat, PROMKNGHT gives us the true feeling behind love and regret. If you like fanciful music with a strong deal of romance mixed with your classic sweet R&B then “Such A Fool” is a must hear. Alternative R&B merged with a hint of 90’S R&B Soul is what you hear when enjoying PK’s music. PROMKNGHT is poised to make a memorable impact with his smooth vocals and consistent creativity.

Listen to "Such A Fool" here and read more below in our exclusive interview with PROMKNGHT.

Thank you for joining us PROMKNGHT! How would you describe your upbringing? In what ways has it impacted your style and sound?

Thank you for your interest! Well to describe my upbringing.. I've been a creative since my early age.. lets say 13 years old. I've always had this passion in creating art.. whether it was graphic designing, building websites, writing and now making full songs. I took all the knowledge and experience I've had since then and it became natural to me. I am an R&b fan at heart so I soaked up a lot of that 90s R&B sound and infused it with today's style and made it my own.

Who or what would you consider some of your main influences and inspirations as an artist and why?

The Weeknd was and is still is one of my influences .. but my influences change for every project as I progress. Right now, artists like H.E.R, Daniel Caesar, Lucky Daye and a few new souls that's been keeping that true R&B feel alive.

Let’s jump right into your music! “Such A Fool” is a HIT. what’s the theme you were going for? How would you detail the meaning of these lyrics to our readers?

Thank you for that! Well "Such a Fool" was written last year. The whole idea of this song was basically to show it's okay to admit your wrongs and feeling guilty about a good situation you messed up on. If you listen to the lyrics I'm basically trying to make it work and doing anything I can for it to work... Lyrics like "Just to be clear we can try to make this fair, you can get me back for everything I've done on the real" I'm pretty much giving that person the opportunity to play karma and get back at me just for us to leave everything in the pass and move on.

In what ways can you as an artist personally relate to “Such A Fool”?

Well everything I write usually come from a true story.. I relate to everything I create I've been there and witnessed it. I like to share my story to the world because I know everyone go through the same thing. It feels good knowing you're not alone.

What’s next for you PROMKNGHT?

NEW PROJECT! NEW VISUALS! NEW CONCERTS! and much, much more I have cooking up! I am just truly excited for this journey, It's been rough, it's been a lot of ups and downs, but the ups are definitely worth while and I'm just truly blessed and excited to share more of my creativity to the world.


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