PROMKNGHT’s Album 'Don't Get No Realer Than This' is Full of Modern R&B and Timeless Passion

From Miami to the Bronx, R&B singer/songwriter PROMKNGHT releases his album 'Don't Get No Realer Than This,' full of modern R&B delivery and timeless grooves. By songwriting since his early teens, PROMKNGHT is inspired to create his own sound with help from his inspirations like The Weeknd, Drake, H.E.R., Jhene Aiko, and '90s R&B/pop. His recent album 'Don't Get No Realer Than This' truly captures a genuine emotional tone, while serving top-flight sensuous R&B from beginning to end.

Starting off the album with a hint of sparkle with "The Morning," PROMKNGHT serves blissful production right off the bat through lush bass lines and layered snares and kicks. He sings so clearly with the composure and grace of his inspirations, while PROMKNGHT passionately vocalizes about his significant other and working together to get past their issues. Continuing the mellow approach with the next song "Come Home," he hits home with this song right from the jump with lyrics like "I miss being in love, being all boo'd up, not at the club," PROMKNGHT brings vulnerable and emotional messages that many can relate to, especially overtop the transcendent and captivating production.

Kicking the vibes up a notch with the next track "Secret Lover," PROMKNGHT incorporates bright and filtered electric guitar that correctly supports his breathtaking vocals and underlying bass lines. He sings lyrics of wishing things weren't the way they are, and keeping his affection deep in his heart. With the bright intro into the next track, "All Loveee (feat. Dylan St. John)", both PROMKNGHT and Dylan St. John bring in a warm summer atmosphere with this track. Through bright chiming keys within the production, to both of their upbeat deliveries with playful lyricism. This track brings a very modern feel to it and displays a loving message which we've all experienced at one point or another.

We truly didn't expect this deep and groovy turn towards nostalgic R&B with "Easy," through beautiful piano and pulsing bass lines, the album already has a tremendous dynamic feel to it. More of a slower song, PROMKNGHT serenades us with his lyrics of loving someone and all their flaws, which really don't seem like flaws to him. He captures pure feelings of love and hasn't let us down yet. Another sparkling intro with the next song "Free," the down-tempo production remains sweet and simple letting PROMKNGHT's lyrics stand firm. He sings about how he wants to be loved unconditionally and feeling "Free" when he's with someone specific. His effortless melisma leaves us in awe to bask in his velvety vocals.

Moving into more of a skit with "I Am (skit)," PROMKNGHT speaks a beautiful poem that climbs up the ladder of life. With subtle sounds seagulls and ocean waves crashing on the shore, PROMKNGHT's poetry stands with force and lets us into his inner monologue. As we reach the next track "Wasted (feat. LEWY & Court St.)", PROMKNGHT begins vocalizing lyrics of missing the times he spent with someone and vividly describing how much he misses those intimate moments. Lewy and Court St. both bring heartwarming vocals that display detailed and emotional scenes of getting "Wasted" off someone's energy. With skilled production that lets their lyrics standout, the track highlights the deep-running emotions that we all experience.

Taking a serene and celestial turn with the extensive production within "Prayed Up (Interlude)," PROMKNGHT breaks it down as chill as it can get. Taking us through a breakup and wanting to escape what he had, he continues to move forward into optimism and questions why his pride won't let him ask for help. Allowing us to heal after listening to this heartfelt track, PROMKNGHT shifts into an even more personal tone with the next song "Ride or Die (feat. The SZNS)". PROMKNGHT sings passionately about finding someone who will be there for him through thick, thin, and longing for someone's support. The SZNS finds his way into our hearts; he blesses us with the same emotional vulnerability and adds texture to the track. PROMKNGHT crafts these emotional songs with precision through perfect supporting R&B production evening out the atmospheres.

Taking the atmosphere back to an intimate setting, "Down For You (feat. TWO32)" opens with incredibly serene production and PROMKNGHT's vocals of longing for someone and being completely head over heals from them. TWO32 brings his unique vocals in and sings with the purity of love through lyrics about leaving someone emotionally and physically satisfied. Bringing unique production with the next track "Jokes On You," the song incorporates different melodic aspects with added/unique effects creating a different side of modern R&B. PROMKNGHT brings a more confident approach with the song and highlights that he uses every inch of his intellect and intuition to guide him through his journeys.

Reaching the final track of the album with "Rescue Me," the melodic production provides subtle electric guitars giving it added layers of depth. PROMKNGHT brings forward imagery of moving forward from the mistakes he's made in the past and wanting to get out of his rut with a needed change of scenery. Trying every day to better himself and be more positive, PROMKNGHT touches on every single topic that roams our minds in the late hours of the night. Throughout 'Don't Get No Realer Than This,' the entire album displayed mesmerizing R&B production that shifts into whichever mood or tone PROMKNGHT is feeling that moment. Truly giving us topics to reflect on with 'Don't Get No Realer Than This,' PROMKNGHT has genuinely impressed us with the journey he's written.

Hey PROMKNGHT, welcome to BuzzMusic! We were so impressed with your detailed lyrics and vulnerability within your entire album 'Don’t Get No Realer Than This'. What inspired you to create thirteen tracks full of heart, soul, and pain?

It is my pleasure. Thank you for having me honestly. Based on the title of the album, I wanted to show more of my personal side that I don't always show or write about in my music. I'm in a different space in my life where now I think differently, I see things differently, I feel differently... I'm growing and just want to give my fans more of me and just who I am as an artist and a person. 

When beginning to create your album 'DGNRTT', did PROMKNGHT have any specific storyline that you wanted to display within the project? Or did you want listeners to find the meaning of their own?

I didn't know where I wanted to go with this album when starting it. I think I scratched the album about 3 times and started over. As life went by as I said previously I just starting feeling differently. The purpose of this album was to give my day one consumers the vibe that I am best at and what they love me for. The difference is I'm thinking deeper and l getting deeper than usual. I'm telling a story that everyone is relating to right now. Everyone song was meant for someone right now and that's the cool part. However, they are a few hidden messages in the songs.

Within your album 'DGNRTT', there are a few standout tracks that really highlight a personal and relatable message. Does PROMKNGHT have a favorite track on the album, and why has it made such an impact on you?

Yeah absolutely, songs like "Ride Or Die" is one of my personal favorites because of what I'm saying in the lyrics. It's almost like crying out for help and really pouring out my inner thoughts and me wanting someone who can understand and hold it down with me. Music these days don't have personal lyrics so I hope everyone will take a deep listen for the hidden messages.

We’ve heard that PROMKNGHT strives to provide listeners with a memorable experience through your lush vocals and continuous creativity. How do you approach each song to reflect this statement, and how do you manage to keep your audience coming back?

I got the sauce! Lol. Just kidding. Everyone who knows me knows I am very consistent when it comes to creating. I grow each time I was told. I think the way I use my vocals is consistent. I definitely have a signature tone. I also have a certain arrangement in my music that makes it really unique and memorable. I am influenced by a few artists such as The Weeknd but you can tell when it's PROMKNGHT. 

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020? Expect me to be everywhere! I definitely see myself branching out to different things other than music. During this Quarantine I'm constantly thinking about my next move. This album definitely will be having my attention throughout the year for sure.