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Promoting Independent Music Just Got Easier With Ryddm

A new music streaming platform sure to sweep the industry, Ryddm brings clarity and ease to the tedious trade of music promotion for the average independent artist/group.

Founded by John Kane with vast expertise in technology and streaming, he felt that this type of platform was seemingly needed for the modern-day 'starving artist' to attain opportunities that might not have presented themselves before.  Ryddm's priority is to expose independent artists/groups and flawlessly showcase their talent through the streaming platform's focus on new music discovery. Not to mention familiarizing artists/groups with possibilities that are easier to achieve than how it appears, Ryddm regularly updates their trending tunes to fit the freshest sounds that are sure to make waves. Not only does Ryddm prioritize the exposure of upcoming and emerging acts, but they make it incredibly easy for indies to earn money through creative endeavors. Introducing them to various monetary opportunities that maximize exposer, plan merchandise lines, and solidify live shows and collaborations.  It's evident that John Kane's Ryddm will be the first choice for upcoming independent acts to maximize time and energy into promoting their brand and music. "Made for artists, by artists," Ryddm allows acts to steer away from trial and error and find a guaranteed helpful promotion strategy suited to their individual needs and standards. 





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