Psychadelic Pop Band HARLEY Takes You on a Journey With "Japan"

Residing in Seattle is band HARLEY, where they're bringing listeners a unified sound with their eccentric take on psychedelic/pop music. What is HARLEY all about? Well, in essence, they're here to deliver a type of sounding that is different from any other sounding we can currently have access to. Consisting of members Cade Enslin, Kimo Kaheiki-Combs and Tristan Woods, HARLEY displays their emotional and steady sound perfectly consistently in the latest release "Japan". 

"Japan" brings a calm and easygoing atmosphere. The listening experience we receive from HARLEY is always pleasant and takes us along an interesting but not incredibly difficult story. One aspect to "Japan" that we appreciate is the smooth integration of expressive synths. They're powerful, but not overbearing. HARLEY strategically synthesizes "Japan" in a way where listeners are able to go on a vivid and softly vibrant imaginative experience with ease. We really enjoy the overall consistencies of HARLEY -- such consistencies we can always expect from the group. They're extending out their sound in a different direction, but what the right direction it is. With the release of "Japan", HARLEY creates the environment his artistry dwells well in, and we're hoping for more of these visionary offerings in the near future! 

Listen to HARLEY's "Japan" here