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Pulsar Radio Gives Us Glimmers Of The Galaxy With Their Space Rock Stylings

Like a beacon of light in the darkest reaches of our galaxy, Pulsar Radio's rock n roll transmission has finally arrived on planet earth and is the brainchild of the multifaceted N8 Curtis. A singer, songwriter, drummer, and producer, it was after drumming, recording, and touring that N8 wanted to create a Space Rock project inspired by David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Bad Religion, and Radiohead.

Pulsar Radio's musical foundation is primarily a duo built on various lead guitarists from N8's previous bands and is accompanied by key member vocalist/keyboardist Fabiola, "Fabulous Tombs," in the majority of their songs, thus adding an ethereal atmosphere and rounding out the overall sound of the band.

Gearing up for the release of their debut EP, "Interstellar Sunday," Pulsar Radio teases this forthcoming release by dropping their first three singles. As we take our attention to the individualistic energy brought forth from these records, we anticipate the inimitable features that will grace the project like Leo Mintek, Johnny Marquez, and Ryan Bertolami.

Kicking things off with what will be the EP's title track, "Interstellar Sunday," Pulsar Radio immediately ups the ante with a gritty energy that's amplified through our speakers. The distortion in the boisterous guitar riffs adds an abundance of texture that fortifies the grooves set in place. The unkempt percussion patterns also accompany the grunge-like ambiance welcomed dearly in rock n roll. Pulsar Radio emanates a brilliant scope of Space Rock in their jurisdiction as we latch onto the galaxy-inspired lyrical motifs performed. Bopping along to the music, we quickly find ourselves headbanging to this electric hit which features Leo "Maximum Collabo" Mintek from NuFolk Rebel Alliance and Super Deaf in Brooklyn, NY.

A record also featuring the talents of Leo Mintek happens to be Pulsar's smooth and enticing atmosphere cast out in "We Are Not Alone." Slowing down the tempo and impactfully radiating a soothing ambiance amongst listeners, we hear the abstract songwriting depict a vivid tale of us not being alone in the huge scope of the universe. The blues-esque styling of the guitar riffs carries an intriguing sense of captivation. We love how the futuristic elements of the Space Rock genre come pouring through the speakers in such a magnetic manner. Leading us into the final chorus, passionately professed and a stellar guitar solo, Pulsar Radio knows how to manage the moods at hand as they create emotional and thought-evoking music.

"Sea Of Dreams" is the third and final single that Pulsar Radio has decided to tease before the EP release of "Interstellar Sunday." The riveting soundscape creates a sense of intrigue in an impeccably balanced universe that sits between the last two records heard. We love how PUlsar Radio keeps us on our toes and now offers up a rhythm that has us tapping our toes into the chorus before we join them and belt it out at the top of our lungs. Creating yet another mood for us to feast on, "Sea Of Dreams" features the lush ruffs of Johnny Marquez from the Los Angeles band Vattica.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Pulsar Radio, and congratulations on the upcoming EP release of "Interstellar Sunday." We love the tracks that you've released so far! Each has its own unique place in rock n roll, and we admire that. What has been the main concept you took on when creating the songs for "Interstellar Sunday?"

N8: Hey Buzz Music! Thanks so much, that really means a lot! The main concept for this EP is going on an interstellar journey. It's really a very special EP to me and was written as a way of coping with all the stress of being in quarantine during the peak of the pandemic. I'm really inspired and humbled by the vastness of the cosmos and I tried tapping into the sounds and consciences of the universe. These songs were not only very therapeutic for me to write but I feel it was a positive way to bring a more hopeful message to everyone thru music during such uncertain times.

Fabiola: For me, the concept of the EP is about persevering in a world that is full of uncertainty, tragedy, desperation, and loss. Learning to become stronger, independent, and stand our ground. It's about the fight within ourselves and the constant struggles deep within our hearts as we hope for something better. Demanding humanity to finally take accountability and stop destroying the planet and each other. Realizing that we cannot be the only life that exists and romanticizing wisdom from beyond the stars.

What has been the best part about creating this project with the features you have brought on? How did these collaborations come to be?

N8: One of the best parts has been collaborating with all the musicians I've worked with in other bands throughout the years. Brilliant guitarists, Leo Mintek (from Nu Folk Rebel Alliance and Outernational) on We Are Not Alone and Interstellar Sunday, Johnny Marquez (from Vattica and Outernational) on Sea Of Dreams, and Ryan Bertolami (from Nine 2 Life and The Maension) on Open Up Your Mind. Most importantly, I think working closely with core bandmate Fabiola was the most amazing. Her keyboards and vocals really help round out the EP's overall sound and vision.

In your own words, what is the main message that you hope your audience can take away from this EP?

We hope this EP makes people think less about themselves and more about space, science, and the bigger picture. It seems humanity has become so complacent with our own daily lives that the things that we see and hear every day don't seem to affect us anymore. It's like we have become comfortably numb and so used to accepting the world and life for what it is that we forget that we have options and we can make our own decisions every day. We all have a choice and can change our lives, improve ourselves, change the world, be more compassionate, speak out and fight for injustices and all the things that should matter. We want this EP to give everyone the strength to do all this and give hope for a more positive future here on earth.

Out of the three songs currently released, which one happens to be your favorite? What is your special connection to that track?

Fabiola: We are not alone is the one that really stands out for me because of the duality of the title. We can't be the only life forms. They are probably walking among us. Especially with all the progressions in science, technology, and medicine. On the other hand, no matter how lost and alone we feel at times there's always someone with us in our hearts, or in spirit or someone out there who cares."

N8: If I had to choose one, I would say Sea Of Dreams. It's about losing someone you love and who is really close and important to you. For me, it was my Grandma and most recently my Uncle. As eternal as the sea, their memory will always live on thru us and thru the music we make.

How have you grown as an artist from your first song release to now?

N8: I feel with each new song we write we grow a lot. From Sea Of Dreams to We Are Not Alone to Interstellar Sunday and the additional two new songs on the EP Space Necessity and Open Up Your Mind. It was an emotional journey writing them and a growing experience for everyone involved in making this record. You can also hear this growth on the EP and I think it takes you the listener on an interstellar musical journey from start to finish!

What's next for you?

We are going back to the studio this summer to record two new singles Mother Earth and Father Skye which will be on a new EP set for release on Earth Day 2023. We are also working on a tour in the states in support of Interstellar Sunday at music festivals and key venues and hope to tour Europe soon as well!


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