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Purple Drip Takes Us On A Trip In Thier Latest Release, “Embrace All”

"Embrace all" feels flawlessly touched by an angel as it spears through our ears with soft yet unique elements to create the masterpiece it has become created by the very talented Purple Drip.

Zorana, a music producer, artist, music director, and founder of Stellar Sound Foundation, started teaching music abroad, where she'd also perform at luxurious events as a pianist. Fast-forward to now, where she's more independent, Zorana focuses on creating covers and her original work. She also experiments with many different styles and elements not often used together; her focus is on a DIY approach where we as people can push ourselves beyond what we know and try out something new. She is joined by a well-known self-taught music producer, Milan, who has more than 20 years of experience, hence why Zorana and himself would make the perfect team, which they did, and now are called 'Purple Drip.'

Zorana breaks barriers as she creates a spacious, safe space for a free mind. Yet, she doesn't hold back as she adds elegance with the chosen elements, which makes a beautiful record exactly like "Embrace all," ready for you to float away on.

Join us as we enter the "Embrace all" world, where Purple Drip flourishes straight away, creating a sound that makes us feel like we're in space. Their structure flow is a force to be reckoned with as she pushes the boundaries by adding essential elements in the correct areas for us to enjoy and hold onto; it's much like we're in a dream where we are happy to "Embrace all."

As we continue, we share many pivotal moments where we can feel the effort, timing, and sonics in "Embrace all." Then, we pursue on as we hear how Purple Drip uses other instruments to bring a more flavourful effect to the record. And not to forget the well-structured writing and positioning of every component placed in "Embrace all." This record is a reflection of a process where she'd gone through tough times finding herself, hoping that now people can relate and hold onto records like "Embrace all."

Let's get lost in the sounds of "Embrace all" by the multi-talented Purple Drip, available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic; we appreciated every single second of your very reflective release, "Embrace all." What would you say your primary source of inspiration was when creating this personal piece?

First of all, thank you for taking the time to listen to my music, as well as for allowing me to express myself. It means a lot to me to explain what's behind my music. In short, this song released me from my burdens and helped me to find new meaning in life. The inspiration for "Embrace all" is actually my state of mind at the time I was writing the song. I was partially reflecting on past events and also processing all the possibilities and the culture of the new place I've just moved to during that time. It didn't seem like a big deal, but together with COVID-19, staying in a quiet home without distractions and outside stimuli was a great time to take a break and reflect on the madness I had gone through living as a working ex-pat in different countries for five years straight. It wasn't easy to overcome and accept the struggles I was put through, but it was a good lesson to learn. This break happened exactly when I needed it because I had just moved and decided to settle in The Netherlands. The career opportunities and the life-work balance I have here is beyond anything I had ever imagined, not to mention that I have a wonderful husband and people around me. Adapting here wasn't as smooth as I imagined, but I see it as a long process worth going through. I let all of these feelings guide my creativity and imagination. One concept I came up with was that I was trying to communicate with my future self and try to predict what was waiting for me. Zorana gen IV from the year 2456 sent me an affirmative message to embrace all these feelings and do what I love, write music. Rethinking my life and revisiting my true love for creating music, I have finally allowed myself to be, feel, and create whatever comes.

What impact do you hope "Embrace all" have on your audience?

I hope the audience recognizes its unique and unusual elements. This song has a very atypical form. It has elements that are usually only found within prog-rock and post-rock songs. The arrangement has 60+ layers (channels), and the chords are mostly simple 4-chord progressions. Listeners categorized it as downtempo, electronic, indietronica, trip-hop, prog-rock, post-rock, chill-wave, cinematic, and dream pop, yet it doesn't fall under any of these genres' typical conventions. This makes it rich and complex but also easy to digest for a larger audience. While this song portrays a creepy and scary period in my life, it also serves as a revelation of new energy to fight and live. This is why the song starts from uncertainty, through emotional turmoil, and later turns into a hopeful song. I hope people will pick up on that energy and that it gives a message of hope for people that go through the same.

What's the message you want people to take away from this single?

Our passive and consumerist ways are sabotaging us, with a big role for the online world in disturbing our daily life. It is so easy to fall into the trap of depression and anxiety. As a strong believer in creativity and creative living, I think that we as a society, as well as individuals, should cherish creative problem-solving and the power of our imagination. We already have what we need. We just need a reminder to respect and use that. I also hope this song helps them embrace all the bullshit life is giving them. Nothing lasts forever, but we have the strength to overcome all this hardship if we work on it. In the end, true mastery in life is self-mastery. And don't forget to dance to it.

Would you say that most of your music is rather consequential, similar to "Embrace all"? How can new listeners better understand you through this single?

No, I'm still very much searching for my own style. Maybe I will never settle with one style. Each release is and will be something else. As an artist who cherishes freedom, I don't want to fall under fulfilling the expectations of the audience and the latest trends. My journey is explorative and fluid, it changes as it goes, and I will follow the adage "Everything flows" by Heraclitus. This is my way of letting myself be and feeding curiosity in the best way possible. I hope that others respect my way.

What's next for you?

I'm doing everything I can in my power to make more music! I've long ago decided that music is my safe space, a way to realize myself. I'll keep working on my piano skills, music production skills, video editing skills, and learning new instruments. My biggest success would be my own little music studio. Personally, I am actively posting piano covers on my YouTube channel, sometimes alternating with orchestral renditions of modern classical or minimalistic pieces. I like to do that to explore orchestration and arranging. I'm always open to collaborations, and I have a few coming up with Purple Drip. What I am particularly excited about is developing an organization I've initiated, Stellar Sound Foundation. I want to open musicians' minds to be more creative and cherish uniqueness in the music industry. At this moment, we are inspiring our audience by interviewing outstandingly unique musicians on our Stellar Sound Podcast. Finally, because of my day job as a programmer, I am very excited about learning to compose music with code. This concept falls under a new movement called "New media," and it's incredibly exciting to see what people are creating in this field today. It's a great time to be both an artist and developer today.

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