Pusha Preme Blends Melodic With Trap In “May Say”

Pusha Preme released his enigmatic sophomore project titled “Blame the Skies, For My Water Being Blue". On this album, is the wrecking hit “May Say” which features Zae Ewing. Florida artist, Pusha Preme doesn’t waste any time to hit its listener with a force of bars, delivery, and a catchy hook that rides the wave of the beat! “May Say” hook has this cool autotune texture while still maintaining a sense of natural vocal tone being showcased. Staying on key, he shows a multitude of dimensions through this hip-hop song. Giving us multiple elements of melodic rap alongside trap rap, Pusha Preme’s “May Say” can be played as a vibe song or even a hype record. The energy is so vibrant, it can exude across any type of mood for its listener. “May Say” was a nicely executed song from an artist who has a lot more where that came from!

Pusha Preme pushes the limits of sound while taking listeners on a rollercoaster of emotion reminiscent of an eargasm. Born out of a desire to further engage with his audience, rife with lush soundscapes and unparalleled lyricism, "Blame the Skies..." is a timeless project that fans will appreciate and new fans will be glad to discover.

Check out "May Say" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

What’s Up Pusha Preme! tell us a little bit about your background and upbringing! In what ways has it impacted your music today?

My Parents are from Sierra Leon, Africa! I was born in the boogie down Bronx "home of hip-hop". My story didn't start there I feel like a man that has died before his time and was giving a second chance at life. My upbringing was the typical poor foreign household STRICT AF. I've always been into creating from legos to puzzles to drawings to beat boxing, free styling, music videos, blogs etc. I just enjoy it and I think that has been the ultimate spark in my music career. It allows to continue to create from a story I'm currently living whether its merch, stage presence, ideas you name it.

How does your sophomore released project differentiate itself from your freshman release? In what ways were you able to elevate it?

The difference to me is night and day. The freshman release was more finding myself and working on something with out my brother and label mate Reaching Nova. Shoutout to KL Family. The sophomore albums is were I understood the importance of cadence and the sonic science in music. I was determine to create a sound for Tampa that hasn't been tapped into. Pusha Preme & The Wandering Assassins are the first All African Decent Band out of tampa and that is a sign of the growth that came with this sophomore project. We elevated our deliver, marketing, and full understanding of what it take to compete in the music world.

We loved “May Say” ! what was the major theme behind this record for you?

The song was a throw away that Zae Ewing help bring back to life. Originally recorded at Lava Sounds, I was in a space where alot of my peers didn't want me to do certain things. Example where a mask, make tampa merch, and ultimately be myself. May Say is the anthem for naysayers who always want to apply an opinion without a solution. In the song I'm not saying anything more than what your thinking at the time of doubt.

In what ways does “May Say” fit into the main vision of “Blame The Skies, For My Water Being Blue”?

HMMMMM, great question. Blame the Skies is an album about perception, as people we usually blame things we dont understand to project our perception. Why is the water blue because of the sky? Really Fam! Why were you late because of traffic. LOL We do this as a defense mechanism and my whole project is me venting about things I believe to be true based on my experience. I've lived a very intricate life and as I referred early everything feels like a deja vu. Maysay is the cosign that what ever you believe to be true in your world prolly is.

What’s next for you Pusha Preme?

Now that the band has assembled. The member are Eli X Ron X Juss. We recently signed a distribution deal with universal music group and look to tour soon. We will drop another album in August as well as a Release Concert and hope more people can join us in this journey for TAMPA to Win!

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