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Put A Ring On It And “Commit,” With Natalie Nichole’s New Single

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, best-selling author, actress, and all-around entertainer Natalie Nichole wants to settle down and "Commit" in her latest single.

Born in Lubbock and raised in San Antonio, Natalie Nichole moved out to the west coast after high school and worked with the likes of Pusha Rod, Smitty Soul, Ron Aniello, and CoCo Jones. She's been part of various Nick Cannon productions and continues to top the charts with singles like "Slide" and "Go Off."

Fast forward to today, Natalie Nichole shares one of her most passionate songs to date, entitled "Commit." Pairing up with the vocalist EVERYSECND, the two recording artists shower our speakers in endless love and devotion while declaring their admiration for that special someone and wanting to put a ring on it and "Commit."

Diving deeper into "Commit," the new song brightly opens with the smoothest vocal chops that lead into Natalie Nichole's breathy melisma and fluid vocals. She effortlessly radiates love and passion with her stunning vocals while reminding her significant other of their importance and worth.

It's an incredibly lush and tender r&b ballad, especially as EVERYSECND makes his way in and serenades us with the same passion and devotion. This song is jam-packed with honest and relatable emotion; it's quite the cathartic experience, but in a way that feels like finally confessing your long-held love to someone who moves your mountains.

Make your fairytale a reality with some tender love and care from Natalie Nichole and EVERYSECND's latest passionate single, "Commit," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Natalie Nichole. We're so impressed with the profound level of intimacy you've delivered in your new single, "Commit." What experiences led you to create a song about committing to someone for all of eternity?

Love, in general, is something I’ve always believed in. I also believe in soul mates. You could call me a hopeless romantic. Although, I never like to think of myself as “hopeless.” I love, love, and this song happened organically. I never force myself to write records; I just let it flow. This song, “Commit,” was reminiscent of me & my very first love. We met when we were fourteen, and something in me knew we were meant to be. He’s still the only man I have ever loved wholeheartedly and genuinely to this very day. I fell in love with him at first sight, and he fell in love with me too. “Commit” is based on that kind of pure & unconditional love. Was this your first time working with vocalist EVERYSECND when creating "Commit?" What was your collaboration like?

This was my first time working with EVERYSECND. He’s such a talented vocalist and songwriter. I’m so glad I got this opportunity to get him on a track. He made this track a Pop vibe which I absolutely love. I hope it’s not the last track we do together. I think he and I could knock out some really great records together.

What mood or vibe did you want the production to offer in "Commit?" Did you work with any producers to help bring that sound to life?

The vibe of “Commit” is pure love. Never naïve but youthful. There’s an essence that love provides that I feel you can experience at any age, which is the beauty of true love. That feeling is always nostalgic. The producer I worked with is Louie G, who I call King Louie. He’s a Dallas-based producer who I was lucky enough to work with several times in the past. He had this beat, sent it to me, and I fell in love with it. I immediately wrote to it, and the rest is history. There was a few different versions of this song before I finally got to this point, but I’m glad it’s become what it has. I released it on my Grandmother Guadalupe’s birthday (8/5) and on my big sister's wedding anniversary, so this song is really special to me.

What do you hope the listener feels after hearing "Commit?" What sort of experience did you want to provide?

I want people to feel LOVE, sweetness, tenderness, innocence & everything the song depicts. Not everyone gets to feel that kind of love personally, but this song embodies it. It’s fun but serious regarding its root meaning. It’s an engagement/wedding song! I’d love for people to get married to this.

What's next for you?

I have a ton in store for 2023. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m “taking the rest of the year off” (Not releasing any new music for the remainder of 2022) just to finish planning out next year. I released “Ofc”, “Confessions,” and now “Commit” back-to-back Music Catalog. After those releases, I thought I have some big ideas I really want to put my all into, so that’s what I’m doing now. I feel a lot of the time, as an artist, you try to remain consistent but forget that to be truly creative, you have to give yourself some time to let it happen. I always have tons of ideas and want to get them out preferably fast, but I decided to let myself marinate on these new ideas, blueprint every detail, and then execute them next year. There’s a deeper sense of accomplishment for me when I’m not rushed and onto the next thing so quickly. Artists start to try to keep up with each other instead of just creating & being themselves. I don’t want to get lost in that narrative. I want to always be me and make moves/decisions based on where I want to go and how I want to be perceived. I have a crypto coin/NFTs, a bestselling book, sneakers, music, and tons of cool experiences friends and fans can dive into if they simply google Natalie Nichole or visit my site All of my social media/contact info is there as well. I’m always up to something, so people can always expect the unexpected from me. Keep flying on this journey with me, and you’ll always have a sense or know “what’s coming next.” Thanks for having me, BuzzMusic. I appreciate you.

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