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Put Your Hands Together And "Pray," With Jaonere's New Single

Sending us into an r&b sweet escape is London-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Jaonere with his latest emotional single and music video entitled "Pray."

Jaonere has been singing since he can remember. He was brought up in a household where music was always playing in the background. After listening to rock and Motown with his father and staying up late watching Trevor Nelson's Lick Chart on MTV Base, Jaonere knew a career in the music scene was inevitable.

The London-based r&b and alternative folk artist is ready to keep the ball rolling with his latest single, "Pray." Jaonere also released a soulful and heavenly music video for the song, which sees him serenading us in a beautiful church while expressing his troubles in a relationship and praying it all works out.

He showcases immense vulnerability in this song and video, something that's truly refreshing from a skilled young artist like himself.

The single, "Pray," softly opens with nostalgic r&b drums that slowly bounce through our speakers alongside soothing synths and Jaonere's charming vocals. Right off the bat, Jaonere's harmonies, paired with the blissful sonics, take us into the prime eras of r&b slow jams. He tugs on our heartstrings with lyrics that discuss getting too caught up in your head to navigate a relationship's troubles.

This song is like a page ripped out of Jaonere's diary; it's intimate, emotional, vulnerable, and explains some relatable relationship themes most listeners can relate to. While Jaonere continues praying that he and a lover will finish what they started, he takes us to the glimmering outro and closes the song on a sweet note of hope.

Have faith and stay strong with help from Jaonere's passionate and soulful new single, "Pray," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jaonere. We love the intimate and vulnerable vibe of your new single, "Pray." What inspired you to write a song about navigating through a relationship's struggles?

Hey, thanks for having me! When I started writing this song, it wasn’t meant to be about relationship struggles, but as the chorus progressed, that’s just how it turned out. I try not to overthink things these days when I’m writing songs. The lyrical progression is kind of an ode to 702s - Get it together- very simple, but it got the message and sentiment across effectively.

Did you encounter any challenges when creating "Pray?" Was it difficult for you to open up and express such personal emotions?

Surprisingly no…I wrote the song in about an hour initially using notes and voice notes on my phone. I’ve also expressed a similar sentiment in songs before such as on “Dotted Line”. The only difference this time on “Pray,” is that I genuinely don’t want the relationship to end which I think is a feeling we’ve all had in friendships and intimate relationships, the moment you can tell it’s no longer working out. Then when it ends, you almost have to grieve the loss of someone that at one point meant so much to you.

Do you usually create such soothing and warm r&b slow jams like "Pray?" Would you say this comforting and nostalgic sound is relatively frequent in your discography?

Very much so! I’m heavily influenced by slow r&b from the ’90s. Even when I find a ‘current’ beat made by a current producer like this one it always ends up sounding nostalgic. I guess it was the dominant genre in my household growing up so it has me in a chokehold!

What was it like creating the music video for "Pray?" Why did you feel that a church setting was the perfect place to shoot the music video?

It was fun but very cold creating the video for “Pray!” We started the shoot early in the morning outside. The weather was really unpredictable so we had to keep stopping due to rain, sleet, and hail. But the outside shoot when I’m all in black is actually in some ruins by the Tower of London, a ten-minute walk away from the church. I thought the church would be fitting as the song has a religious/spiritual element to it. I think it also helped illustrate that in the song, I was really running out of options on making the relationship work and trying to have faith. In times of distress and uncertainty, I often pray for guidance from God, my ancestors, and loved ones who have come before me, so the church would emphasize the importance I put on this relationship. The scene in the ruins where I'm dressed in black is kind of the contrast to illustrate that I had already started ‘grieving’ the expected ‘loss’ of the loved one.

We noticed that you hadn't released a single since "Shifts" in 2021. Why did you want to release "Pray" as your first single of 2022? How does it set the tone for your year?

I wanted to shake up the mood and theme really. I don’t think people were expecting “Pray” after “Shifts”…a song that was so sexually charged! But I felt it was another layer to my artistry that I needed to showcase. I hope those that are following me closely are taken on a surprising yet refreshing musical journey.


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