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Putting In That Work, Egeez Will Shine "Till It Ain't Nun Left"

American recording artist Egeez reigns from Cleveland, Ohio. With his musical pursuit beginning in 2015, Egeez learned the ropes of mixing, mastering, studio installation, and studio operations.

With a beautiful family at home, Egeez is eager to make a name for himself musically with his artistic abilities. Continuously developing his own unique sound, Egeez thrives with his independent label, Vintage Grind Productions.

Embracing a slick ambiance in his most recent single, “Till It Ain’t Nun Left,” Egeez embodies a conscious aura of the grind and hustle he puts forth in his life, day in and day out. The bass emitted in the instrumentation pushes boundaries as it radiates a high impact delivery. With Egeez playing upon the rhythmic swing of the comforting universe that the beat provides, he adds his own unmatched flair in the realm of wistful spirited flows.

Allowing the swagger in his verses to speak for him, the lyrical content that he portrays adds the cherry on top as you fixate yourself upon the realism he conveys to his audience far and wide. “Till It Ain’t Nun Left,” has you fluently falling into the efforts that Egeez casts out. The difference between good and great is found in the details, and Egeez proves that to be true time and time again with his intricately crafted rhyme schemes.

Being an emcee with extensive lyrical dexterity, we appreciate his refreshing take on the genre of Hip-hop that has since evolved through various paths with each creative spin. If you’re in the market for a song that spits out raw emotion, while you catch a vibe to the entrancing melodies displayed, “Till It Ain’t Nun Left,” is the track for you.

In your own words, what does this song mean to you? What inspired the writing?

What the song “Till It Ain’t Nun Left.” means to me is no matter what you're doing, you give it your all, Til It Ain’t Nun Left! As long as your working and being productive you will always have something to offer. The song is inspired by my daily routines! With the family and I relocated to Los Angeles I have to grind 10X harder than I did back in Cleveland, Ohio in a much familiar market. What would you like your listeners to take away from, “Till It Ain’t Nun Left?"

What I would like for listeners to take away from the song is the mentally needed to thrive in today’s climate. Whether it’s business, sports, or life, to reach goals and to yield the results you desire, you have to increase your efforts. The pandemic has forced the people to be more creative and to build new business models.

Do you have a certain creative process that you follow each time that you create, or does that vary depending on the song? What does your process usually entail?

My creative process varies depending on the song, but the intentions behind every song are the same, and that’s to keep the music pure. My art always reflects my reality. A song could be inspired by a conversation, a line in a movie, or a song that resonates with me. Some songs come from reading books and there’s a line in the book that inspires me to write. I’m very open to finding inspiration in my life experiences and those close to me. A lot of my ideas come to me when I’m moving such as working out or cleaning.

What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to speak into your music?

The people in music that influenced my sound are Berry Gordon Motown, Max B, Nelly, Yo Gotti, and Jay-Z. The non-musical individuals that influence my music is leaders like Malcolm X, and Chaka Zulu. The hard work and dedication Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather displayed influence me a lot. I approach my own business Vintage Grind Productions with the same mentality.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

When it comes to me, I want listeners to know that I never looked for an excuse, I always got the job done! When I first started this journey I lacked the education, resources, and support to make my dream a reality. Fast forward we discussing a song I wrote, purchased the beat, mix, and masters, and published. When it comes to the music, I want the listener to know my music is authentic. Art that comes from a real place.



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