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Putting The Spotlight On Eccentric Music Duo, Desert Sparrow

If there's one thing that can immediately spice your music life up, it's the diversified music duo, Desert Sparrow. They blend the best of what is alternative rock, with influences ranging from the 60's era to the surf rock era.

The latest release we saw from them included "Gold Dust Women," which was a song that was generated amid the pandemic, where the duo wrote, recorded, and put together the single on their own, with some help from their close friend Matt Linesch of Infinitespin Studio.

Now, where did the influence for "Gold Dust Women" really arise from? Well, there's nothing more elemental than picking up a few musical instruments and getting to town with some sound, which is exactly what Desert Sparrow did.

Both being true fans of tribal sounds and heavy rhythms, the duo expressed their creativity through sound, which is what kickstarted their inspiration for "Gold Dust Women."

Desert Sparrow has obviously solidified their place in the music scene, and their eclecticism gives them an edge like none other. We're lucky to know that this striking duo plans to do a live performance at the Silver Lake Lounge in early February, with more shows and singles planned to roll out in due time.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article on musical duo Desert Sparrow and their song, "Gold Dust Women," here.


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