Putting The Spotlight On Rising Toronto R&B Artist Jon Soul

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Jon Soul! Knowing you began writing music at such an early age. How would you say your songwriting has developed over the years since you first began?

Thank you for having me back. I would say my songwriting has matured since I first start for sure, when I was younger I was into the boy bands, you know backstreet boys, n' sync so my earlier songs were very boy bandish, very pop, also I didn't know what I was talking about back then, I was speaking of love and relationships, I was 11 I didn't even kiss a girl yet haha. Let's say that my songwriting has developed with my life experiences.

Do you have any specific songwriting methods? How do you seek inspiration for most of your music?

I don't have a specific method for songwriting, usually as corny as it sounds, I let the music speak to me or I'll get a melody or phrase stuck in my head and build from there, but I always love telling a story I want my listener to be able to visualize themselves in the situation I'm writing about, you know really feel the pain or the warmth of love.

We loved your single “Girl Like You”, how would you detail the production of this record? What are some obstacles you may have encountered during the creation of this?

The production process for all my songs is usually smooth, I practice a lot before going in to record so I always come in prepared and ready to go, but having an instrumental from Nate Rhoads and my friend Jordan Lorenzo engineering my music does make the process a lot simpler for me, and I can't thank them enough I've been working with Jordan Lorenzo for a long time so he knows the sound I'm looking and how to get the best out of me, and Nate Rhoads just puts out fire every time he produces,I just have to tell the story.

Are there any direct influences for “Girl Like You” if so mind sharing?

There was an influence, we sadly aren't together anymore but "Girl Like You" was written for someone that I had every intention of spending my life with but as we know things don't always work out as we intended, also I really wanted to make something that anyone can dedicate to anyone, I know there's a lot of men and women who find it hard to express themselves, especially when it comes to a relationship so this song is a way to tell someone how much they mean to you, cause you've never met someone like them, never felt what you feel when you're with them.

With an amazing sound and captivating talent, we’re sure you’re bound to do great things. Can you hint to us what we can expect from the future of your music?

Thank you I appreciate the love and support from you guys, what you can expect is music videos, maybe another album next year? Who knows haha

But for sure you can expect me sticking to the R&B roots I love and to continue making music that tries to speak to the heart.

Where do you hope to see your career 5 years from now Jon Soul?

In 5 years I hope I'll be fully committed to music and music only, I don't care about making millions and selling out arenas, if in 5 years I'm able to live comfortably performing out of little venues for a couple of hundred people I'd be happy, I'm not one for the glamorous life I just want people to be able to connect to my music, and if I'm able to ease or help guide people through whatever they're going through, then I've done my job as an artist.

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