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PxRRY Emphasizes Maturity In an Emotional Single, "Grown"

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and recording artist PxRRY highlights the sweet outro track, "Grown," off his latest 5-track EP, 'Enough Said.'

After launching his career while writing songs for acts like Angie Stone, Jaheim, Eric Bellinger, and more, PxRRY quickly became a sought-after act while developing his own artistry. PxRRY strives to break barriers within his music and stand out as a new era r&b/hip-hop melodic superstar.

The singer-songwriter recently released his 5-track EP, 'Enough Said,' in August, which left his audience rushing to his streaming platforms and hitting repeat since its release. We've decided to highlight the EP's lush outro track, "Grown," as it's a perfect example of the passionate r&b that PxRRY's sound delivers. Not to mention his authentic emotion and passionate performance, PxRRY truly makes this track unforgettable.

Hitting play on "Grown," the song opens with a filtered and haunting beat that slowly drops into a downtempo drum arrangement and PxRRY's sole vocals. As he begins to express the emotional turmoil of a back-and-forth relationship, he continues to remind his lover that they're all grown up and should be avoiding messy situations like this. We're more than impressed with PxRRY's soothing vocal stylings that tell an incredibly relatable and tumultuous story.

We must also mention the sonic depth and density of the song's production, as the booming bass hits perfectly amplify PxRRY's tender emotions when experiencing confusing love. As he leads us to the song's end, PxRRY sends chills down our spines while closing the track on a passionate note.

Lose yourself in the dreamy stylings of PxRRY and his latest hit, "Grown," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic PxRRy. We're totally enthralled with the outcome of your recent emotional hit, "Grown." What inspired you to create this piece in particular?

This was the last song I recorded on the EP and really just happened randomly. Me and my boy, thatshymn, were in the studio working on another record. One of the producers, Kofi was in the session just chilling. Then he played this beat. We wrote and cut it that night. It just felt like the perfect way to tie in some grown and sexy vibes for the ladies. Everybody can relate to this record, we have grown, so stop playing.

Was it challenging to write such emotional words for "Grown?" Or did you find it easy to convey your emotions about a confusing relationship?

When you really listen to the lyrics it’s emotional for sure but simple. I rather spend time making up than arguing and a lot of people, especially the fellas would agree. Through my music, I say what people are thinking and just make it sound good.

What can you tell us about your latest EP "Enough Said?'

I named the project 'Enough Said,' because I’m no longer talking about what I want to do, I’m just going to do it. Music has been my life and I’ve been holding records for a minute! From here on out, I’m letting the people have the music. There will be a lot more releases, a lot more visuals, more collaborations, and features. I’m excited to work and that’s all that needs to be said.

Why did you choose to place "Grown" as the outro track of your recent EP 'Enough Said?' How does this song close the project and bring it home?

"Grown" is the outro because it’s preparing the listener for the direction I’m headed in next. My next project and single is already done and ready to go. Also, placing the song last lets me know who listened to the EP fully. If you make it to “Grown” then you got a chance to enjoy “Got 2”, “Doing it” “Outside” and “Misbehaving." Giving just 5 songs makes it digestible and “Grown” is definitely a sweet way to wrap it up.


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