Q&A With Chicago Hip-Hop Artist Jay Trip

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jay Trip! "GASSIN UP 2" has many layers and different concepts. What’s the overall theme you were trying to achieve with this record?

I also have the original record “GASSED UP” which displays a raw sound that’s different with a bouncy beat. “GASSIN UP 2” reloads the track itself with more bass and higher tempo. I overall just wanted to bring a record up to par with the original so when you listen to both tracks you get an even better feel. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from "GASSIN UP 2"?

I hope my listeners see the range of how “GASSIN UP 2” differs from “GASSED UP” and how also the track brings a little more to the table as in how the track overall switches up the sound.

What sets you apart from other hip-hop artists in today’s music scene?

What sets me apart is that I don’t see myself doing certain things for “clout” or attention, my sound honesty can’t compare or is not like any other artist. Every record I bring something different rather it’s the flow, the style, the beat, or the melody. I just see myself as my own artist.

We love the heavy beat in “GASSIN UP 2”, who produces your tracks?

Shout out Sluzzy! I discovered his beat from YouTube. That wasn’t even the original beat. The original beat it was good, but I wasn’t hitting harder or as hard as the  “GASSED UP” beat and I knew that I needed something else that’s gonna stand out more. So when I came across the beat I knew this was the right one.

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

If I had to choose it would be between my two songs “GASSED UP” and “ONE TIME”. Both tracks portray two different sounds, but that just shows my versatility and how I can easily switch and aim for different feelings and vibes. I’m not yet at my peak but to be recently taking music more seriously, I think I’m doing a great job so far putting out different types of music for everyone to hear. 

What do you hope to achieve as a hip-hop artist through the end of 2019?

I hope to constantly keep growing as an artist and keep the motivation to put my all into my music because this is just the beginning for me. I started taking music serious towards the beginning of this year and I’m slowly accomplishing more and more. I just hope I can keep thriving for my family and myself so I can be put in a different position in my life and to separate me from everyone who said I couldn’t do it. 

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