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Q the Key Brings Authenticity And Passion To Latest Heated Release, “Out Of Sight”

Bringing 'House' back in fashion, Q the Key releases a groovy and upbeat record, "Out Of Sight," with a fantastic animated music video.

Businessman, producer, songwriter, and recording artist Q the Key, strives to release nothing but the best art to the world. Having built his foundation in 2002, music has always been his backbone. Q the Key wants his listener to understand his lyrics and gain some insight and knowledge to pass on to the next person, improving our society one song and listener at a time.

The feeling we're getting from this record is soo innovative and creative, blending styles of hip-hop on rap with underground house and bass records. The blend makes for a perfect upbeat dance record to vibe to, and an enlightened aura from the lyrics Q the Key is spitting.

Q the Key brings his natural flow, toasting to the good life and being high off life; he mentions that there "Ain't a better feeling" to feel. The surrounding feel-good production and flavourful vocal approach in the chorus make this record a banger. "Got rid of that baggage, ain't even tripping tho," shows the positive attitude of Q the Key, further boosting the uplifting emotion in this record.

When the chorus comes back the second time, there is no denying that you're out of your seats and dancing. Expressing more positivity, Q the Key enlightens us with more lyrics like, "I got the cure, this is the antidote, nothing but good vibes."

Make sure you support and stream the innovative and authentic sounds by Q the Key with his latest release, "Out Of Sight," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Q the Key. We admire the refreshing and playful attitude you've brought with your recent single, "Out Of Sight." What inspired this breezy song about positivity?

I appreciate all the compliments about my record and for the opportunity to showcase it on your platform! In some ways, I look to be unique but relatable to the average listener. A lot of the song’s inspiration and positivity comes from my enjoyment of listening to funk, hip hop, and house music in my spare time and my wanting to bring a new meaning to the word fun. I’m always looking to make a timeless record that will also touch people over time, so with my music, I seek to create just that. The 80s and 90s era hip hop and pop-funk culture were very instrumental in my upbringing.

Could you expand on your songwriting process for "Out Of Sight?" Do you face any difficult moments when writing such inspiring lyrics?

The songwriting process for Out Of Sight started after becoming a recurring listener of the instrumentation on a consistent basis. I would just sing to the beat at first while going about my day riding in my car or in my home studio to pass time. The vibe always made me feel good and compelled to write to it. Songwriting usually comes naturally to me either when I hear a beat or just at the moment, freely and readily express myself to the world. Usually, my songwriting process speeds up if I take a conversation I had with someone else during the day and then apply it to a song I’m writing since I’m usually living in relatability.

Did you have any artistic influences or projects in mind when creating the single "Out Of Sight”?

I grew up with some of my artistic influences being Outkast, Jimmi Hendrix, and Rick James, so the dress style, flow, melody, and culture are definitely what helped cultivate Out Of Sight as a whole. I had been messing with the idea of creating a pop-funk or house album with a fusion of trap once the right production comes along.

What's the message behind "Out Of Sight?"

The message behind Out Of Sight is based on the saying out of sight, out of mind separating from trouble while letting go being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor while maintaining true self and purpose in the process. Life is precious, and it’s something that every person should have the liberty to come to peace with, whether it’s on a good or bad day. Sometimes you have to let go of some people and materials that hold you back to truly hold on to or obtain your happiness.

What's next for you?

I’ll be on a press run conducting a few other interviews to continue to promote the music video for my song “Out Of Sight” and will release one new single every month until the end of 2022 on all streaming platforms.

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