QC Latti Is Making Waves With The “Dudley Boyz Freestyle” Ft. Daylan Gideon and SwaVay

Hailing from Atalanta, GA, QC Latti is a 24-year-old gifted producer. Currently attending Georgia State, QC Latti began producing 3 years ago and since then has shown no signs of slowing down. He works with a diverse range of artists and currently has beats for sale on his Instagram. He credits his ongoing success to the support he receives from his group of friends called Bandlot. 

“Dudley Boyz Freestyle” comes in hard from the offset, showcasing QC Latti’s dominance as an up and coming hip-hop producer.

Daylan Gideon and SwaVay are featured on the track, but QC Latti manages to still captivate right the way through. He does so without volume or gimmicks, just with the strength of his own beats and the unique quality of his sound. “Dudley Boyz Freestyle” emerges with weight and originality, but still it provides this easy-going groove that feels unexpectedly uplifting and even motivational. All the while, as this lyricism pours through and compels you, the music offers a hard-hitting beat. You get a sense that QC Latti follows his own rules entirely, but does so with skill and consideration. “Dudley Boyz Freestyle” is a superb track, an easy personal highlight for 2019, and a strong introduction to the artist and producer that is QC Latti.

Check out “Dudley Boyz Freestyle” here and keep scrolling for more with QC Latti!