QC Latti Is Making Waves With The “Dudley Boyz Freestyle” Ft. Daylan Gideon and SwaVay

Hailing from Atalanta, GA, QC Latti is a 24-year-old gifted producer. Currently attending Georgia State, QC Latti began producing 3 years ago and since then has shown no signs of slowing down. He works with a diverse range of artists and currently has beats for sale on his Instagram. He credits his ongoing success to the support he receives from his group of friends called Bandlot. 

“Dudley Boyz Freestyle” comes in hard from the offset, showcasing QC Latti’s dominance as an up and coming hip-hop producer.

Daylan Gideon and SwaVay are featured on the track, but QC Latti manages to still captivate right the way through. He does so without volume or gimmicks, just with the strength of his own beats and the unique quality of his sound. “Dudley Boyz Freestyle” emerges with weight and originality, but still it provides this easy-going groove that feels unexpectedly uplifting and even motivational. All the while, as this lyricism pours through and compels you, the music offers a hard-hitting beat. You get a sense that QC Latti follows his own rules entirely, but does so with skill and consideration. “Dudley Boyz Freestyle” is a superb track, an easy personal highlight for 2019, and a strong introduction to the artist and producer that is QC Latti.

Check out “Dudley Boyz Freestyle” here and keep scrolling for more with QC Latti!

Hey there QC Latti! Congratulations on the release of “Dudley Boyz Freestyle”! How has the music world been treating your latest release thus far?! What kind of feedback have you been receiving for it?

Thank you! So far everyone really likes the single, I've gotten nothing but positive responses. Ever since I've released it I've been working with new people all over the city nonstop, Shout out to Daylan and Swavay for doing that for me.

“Dudley Boyz Freestyle” was a vigorous experience for us as listeners. We completely felt the depth within the track. What was the beat creation and production process like for this song?

The making of this beat and the production process were crazzzyyyyyy I made the beat at the studio in my house with a couple of friends over I wanted to make something everyone could freestyle to so I made a simple bass melody and took off from there afterward I pulled up to one of Swavay's sessions and I played him the beat and he said " Ohhhh I'm going to talk my shit on this one" he went in there freestyled his verses and asked daylan if he wanted to hop on the track and they both went in there and killed it.

As a producer, would you ever be inclined to incorporate elements to your music that is completely contrasting from the genre you're predominantly in? Are you an artist that prefers to play around with their sound?

I love to play around with sound I play 4 different instruments (viola, violin, cello, and piano) I make beats outside of trap all the time I like to make R&B and lofi music a lot I even made a few pop beats.

Who are some notable artists you have hopes of working with in the future?

Man, that list could go on forever but Gunna, Lil Baby, big sean, J.cole, Drake, play boi carti, robb bank$, yatchy, 21 savage, summer walker, lil keed and sooooo many more I want to be one of the most versatile producers out there.

Thank you for chatting with us and sharing your talent with the BuzzMusic community! Any glimpse of what we can expect to see from QC Latti in the near future?

Thank you for having me! I have a project coming out soon featuring a lot of really talented people making some really good music. Shout out to Bandlot, BakeGang, and Dolo Records.