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Qdajuice Says He Will Never "Love Again"

Cleveland, Ohio’s Qdajuice, a.k.a. “Quincy Bones,” has released a deeply thought-provoking and introspective track, “Love Again”, off of his latest album, “This Isn’t For You”.

Starting his journey into music around the age of 16, ​​Qdajuice drew inspiration from artists that were constantly played in his household growing up, including Outkast, 50 Cent, and Ghostface Killa. Throughout his releases, Qdajuice has proven his ability to deliver multiple different genres throughout his various tracks, which has been a key factor in helping him stand out from the crowd.

Now, let’s dive into “Love Again”. Qdajuice opens the track with his compelling hook, pulling us in immediately with his thick, layered vocals. The simple, yet ominous production behind his vocals allows the listener to really focus on what he’s telling us, soaking in every word.

In “Love Again”,​​Qdajuice effortlessly combines his melodic, brooding hook with his fast-flowing bars throughout the track. His imagery-driven lyrics tell the story of his struggle, focusing on themes of remorse, family, darkness, and regaining control in his life.

With the help of producer Jacob Dempsey, Qdajuice draws listeners in with a dark and brooding soundscape throughout the track, allowing them to mimic Qdajuice’s introspective thoughts and apply them to their own life.

Qdajuice closes out the track with an extended outro. Dog barks echo throughout, mirroring the rest of the track, but this time we are made to focus directly on them, and It’s utterly haunting. It’s as if Qdajuice wants us to be left alone to reflect on our own potential demons, thoughts, and regrets.

Get acquainted with Qdajuice and his new song, “Love Again," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations on the release of “Love Again”, Qdajuice! We love the track and how vulnerable you are on it. Your lyrics are honest and introspective, and we are definitely able to resonate with them. Can you go into a bit more detail on the inspiration behind the song?

Love Again is one of my favorite tracks. Putting words onto paper is like a brake through or releasing what’s up there mentally. This was something like that. What inspired me was letting go. Knowing I was evolving as an artist and there were some things I just couldn’t give my energy anymore. I tried to squeeze a lot of events into a 3-minute song.

There is a production element within the song of the dog barks if we are not mistaken? It definitely created an ominous, haunting feeling for the listener. Can you explain that decision and what it represents to you?

This song is produced by Jacob Dempsey. My good homie from Washington. The production is crazy but those barks are actually me saying “You!” after the hook. I just added a little reverb effect on the vocal. So the actual lyric is “I told you I would never ever love again, (you x4)...but Jacob came to me with crazy production and I remember I just wanted to slow my flow down and get straight to the point. Real in your face. So the barks don’t actually mean anything I just wanted to add a grimy sound behind the track.

Did you have a specific idea of who you wanted this track to resonate with most while writing it?

I wanted this track to resonate with listeners who know how it is to take in so much & go through those real-life moments. I’m an artist who still takes on a lot of things as a person so I just wanted the listener to relate. It’s like you can listen to my music and say “damn, he goes through things just like I do” especially with me being a single father. I try to put those feelings and emotions out there that I don’t hear everyone rapping about.

What are your favorite lyrics within the track, and can you explain their importance to you?

I have a lot of key points I like in this song. I think I just love the song as a whole with every word. I remember writing it noticing those vulnerable moments in the lyrics and it kind of gave me an edge. I love having moments where I feel like I have something people need to hear. It can be a lot to take in as a listener sometimes so I really wanted to take it there. I think it’s just raw and gritty in every bar.

What's next for you?

As long as there is a listener out there I plan on pushing the song and the album (This Isn’t For You) for as long as I can. I plan on dropping a lot more singles going into 2022 and visuals connected to the project. I also plan to keep pushing the “Open Sunday’s” brand so people can have more to look forward to than just music. More merch, visuals, & music to come from Quincy Bones.


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