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QuanDon Brings The Old School Energy Forward In, "Life's A B*tch Pt. 2"

Brooklyn bred rapper and lyricist QuanDon, grew up in the heart of early Hip-hop culture. This sparked his passion for numerous elements of Hip-hop, including the art of being an emcee.

QuanDon grew up around freestyling, and bar for bar battle raps with witty punchlines. Being inspired by what he was a witness to, he put pen to paper to write his first rhymes in the early '90s.

Capturing his audience with the charismatic flows exuded on, “Life’s a B*tch Pt. 2,” QuanDon recruits artist Jack D., in order to fire some heavy Hip-hop ammunition. The buoyant instrumentation takes over your speakers as it embodies the true essence of 80’s Hip-hop nostalgia, taking you back to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

As you reminisce on the enticing sounds that began an introduction to a genre bigger than anything you could imagine, you appreciate the lyrical dexterity that QuanDon flaunts effortlessly on this track. Being an emcee that appreciates and pays homage to the roots, QuanDon’s fluently tenacious cadences allow the impressive rhyme schemes showcased to jump out of the speakers.

We get swooped into the artistic embrace that QuanDon offers up in his performance. Pair that with Jack D.’s hunger and raw juxtaposition of meaningful subject matter, and you have yourself a hit that speaks volumes. As the dynamism between these artists effortlessly floats on top of the lively instrumentation, they both offer up themes of real-life experience that have shaped them into who they are today.

Utilizing their voices to send out a message to the audience before them, they fixate their attention on shining a spotlight on the Black Lives Matter movement and the acts of injustice that happen around the world. Fighting for a better tomorrow, QuanDon and Jack D., encourage their listeners to step up in, “Life’s a B*tch Pt. 2.”

Hello QuanDon and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. The duo of both you and Jack D. mesh seamlessly together. What was it like coming together to work on this track and give it the sound we hear today?

It was easy for us to come together and create a song like this. We share the same interest in music. We came up with the concept a few years before we wrote the song. We love that 90's sound and flow. With our lyrical styles, we knew we could continue where NAS and AZ left off.

How important is it for you to carry forth Hip-hop’s roots as the genre continues to advance in various paths?

It's important for me to continue the roots of hip-hop for the future. I bridge the gap between yesterday's artist and today's artist. I was born in the '80s so my musical influence spans the whole culture from birth until now.

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like for the creation of, “Life’s a B*tch Pt. 2?"

A late-night studio session sipping cognac and Brooklyn's finest smoke was in the air. Mahogany wood grain studio that was dimly lit. We rehearsed the verses we wrote while the beat played in the background. I wrote the hook on the spot which mimics the original. I wanted it to keep that 90's essence. I had to add the right swag to it on the spot

How have you found yourself evolving as an artist from your first song to this current release?

I have evolved as an artist as far as perfecting my style and mastering my skills. I have more control of what I want to say as well as what's needed. I found my niche and I learned how to merge my style with today's music by being a versatile artist creatively speaking.

What would you like listeners to feel while they are listening to the music you create?

I want a listener to hear my music and value it. I want them to always get that feeling of hearing real dope lyrics, metaphors, punch lines, and a classic hip-hop sound that's missing in today's originality. They need to feel inspired or motivated by emotion or knowledge. Maybe I can change your mind and your thoughts. I want listeners to relate to what I'm saying.



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