QueenLEFT Galvanizes Hip-Hop With New Track “Queenz Reign”

QueenLEFT is an artist who not only wants to change the music scene with her authenticity but change the hip-hop game bringing value and purpose in her craft of rap and singing. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, at age 14, Queen discovered her passion for wanting to become an entertainer. Equipped with a true love for music, QueenLEFT used to obsessively look into notable artists like Tupac Shakur and Lisa Left-Eye Lopes. She could relate to these two musical geniuses on a personal level regarding the subject matter and socially conscious vision they hold in their music. Not only is she a natural wordsmith, but Queen uses dance as an art form to express herself. Queen is using her musical styles of hip-hop/soul and jazz to show her versatility and bring her message to the world. 

Her new single “Queenz Reign” is a smooth hip-hop/R&B banger. QueenLEFT’s vocals along with her flawless flow make her an artist to beat! The multi-talented and explosive QueenLEFT needs to brag that she is the Queen. The seductive and fresh single “Queenz Reign” takes us through a journey. She exudes confidence and femininity through my speakers and I’m in awe of her effortless ability to demand attention from her listeners. Her fans can vibe and relate to “Queenz Reign”. The production is professional and well done. QueenLEFT’s mesmerizing sound arrangements paired with the track’s dope and heavy back beat have us craving more. I’m adding this track to my personal playlist. I highly recommend you vibe along to this single “Queenz Reign” and stay on the lookout for what QueenLEFT drops next!

Check out “Queenz Reign” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with QueenLEFT.

Hi QueenLEFT! Can you tell us more about yourself? How did you decide you wanted to pursue music?

I am a very spiritual being here to express my soul to the world through my words, art, expression and creativity hoping to help heal and touch others in the ways I have been when it comes to my favorite artists. Im also a revolutionary so I’m always speaking and advocating for black voices and bodies and opening exposing what and who’s against us, how to fight and overthrow that mainly through my music. I decided I wanted to pursue music when I left college recognizing I wanna really u less I was involved with music or art in some way. Teamed back up with some other creative people and realized that was my passion and calling.

We love your track “Queenz Reign”! What was the writing process like for this song?

I was outside and the Sky was cloudy, like it was about to rain. So I just started to come up with things while waiting on the bus. I just said “queenz Reign will forever be pouring” and matched things that flowed with that statement. I wrote the chorus before I heard any music and just left it as that hoping I’d use it for something soon. Got the beat and I felt the energy matched the lyrics.

“Queenz Reign” has a strong lyrical presence. Can you dive into more detail on this?

So I just expressed how I felt about myself, my journey within myself and music and what I wanted to do. It’s a reflection record. It was like a “I’m the queen and when I do finally get to Reign, all the fruit that my tree bears will be consumed by those hungry for what I have to share and give.” I’m telling myself to never forget who you are and what you represent ever if others aren’t on your same frequency it isn’t your job to lower yourself, but to make them come up and get it. Don’t compromise yourself , if the sheeple want to continue to sleep, never allow that to lose your prowess as a lion. Stay true to who you are by reminding myself enabling me to stay connected with my higher self.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

To stay true to who you are and always go higher. It’s ok to be vulnerable, boastful, sad, happy, etc. always express yourself in healthy ways and be unapologetic within that. Being real with yourself is being real with everyone else. That it’s important to get to know yourself and uncover parts that are uncomfortable for you and everyone else. That it’s ok to think and go deep and not hide from yourself.

How does your hometown affect who you are as an artist?

I’m from Rochester NY but just NY in general, is to be authentic and never follow the crowd. Rochester is very creative, it’s so much talent and that’s what pushed me to be more expressive and follow the path I knew was right. ROC taught me to not be afraid to go out there and let your voice be heard. If there isn’t an avenue for you, create on or team up with people who are in the same grind as you. Always keep your head up and keep going and growing. ROC taught me how important it is to follow your dreams even if it’s not what others envisioned for you, and to do what’s feels right in your spirit. 


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