QueenLEFT Galvanizes Hip-Hop With New Track “Queenz Reign”

QueenLEFT is an artist who not only wants to change the music scene with her authenticity but change the hip-hop game bringing value and purpose in her craft of rap and singing. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, at age 14, Queen discovered her passion for wanting to become an entertainer. Equipped with a true love for music, QueenLEFT used to obsessively look into notable artists like Tupac Shakur and Lisa Left-Eye Lopes. She could relate to these two musical geniuses on a personal level regarding the subject matter and socially conscious vision they hold in their music. Not only is she a natural wordsmith, but Queen uses dance as an art form to express herself. Queen is using her musical styles of hip-hop/soul and jazz to show her versatility and bring her message to the world. 

Her new single “Queenz Reign” is a smooth hip-hop/R&B banger. QueenLEFT’s vocals along with her flawless flow make her an artist to beat! The multi-talented and explosive QueenLEFT needs to brag that she is the Queen. The seductive and fresh single “Queenz Reign” takes us through a journey. She exudes confidence and femininity through my speakers and I’m in awe of her effortless ability to demand attention from her listeners. Her fans can vibe and relate to “Queenz Reign”. The production is professional and well done. QueenLEFT’s mesmerizing sound arrangements paired with the track’s dope and heavy back beat have us craving more. I’m adding this track to my personal playlist. I highly recommend you vibe along to this single “Queenz Reign” and stay on the lookout for what QueenLEFT drops next!

Check out “Queenz Reign” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with QueenLEFT.