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QUIETLOVE Shares Emotional and Relatable Thoughts in, "The Dream"

Now residing in Toronto, Canada, the passionate singer-songwriter, artist, and producer QUIETLOVE lets us into his personal struggles with an emotional single and music video entitled "The Dream."

Perpetually possessing a knack for music and creation, QUIETLOVE began composing, recording, and producing music in middle school, which grew into a form of therapy. QUIETLOVE's limitless passion and skill led him to share stages with staple acts like Tyler Shaw, Virginia to Vegas, Honors, Tom Cochrane, Tokyo Police Club, The Strumbellas, and many more.

More recently, QUIETLOVE released his emotional single and music video, "The Dream," where he emphasizes a continuous train of thought while worrying about things out of his control. The song's music video offers another reflective aspect, as viewers can catch scenes of QUIETLOVE starring in the distance of his city while pondering on life's trials and tribulations.

Hitting play on the single, "The Dream," the song begins with calming electric guitar picking and a pulsating synth arrangement. Listening to QUIETLOVE's warm and delicate vocal stylings, he brings us deep into the song's reflective atmosphere as he begins painting his personal concepts abound our ears with lyrics like "Lately I've been waking up as soon as the sun sets, tell me am I wasting my time?"

The song's hook shares vastly intricate and modern electronic elements that continually highlight QUIETLOVE's heartfelt performance. What we adore about this track are its relatable themes of self-doubt; as QUIETLOVE states, "Sometimes we get so caught up in the process, we tend to forget why we started our journey in the first place."

Don't miss out on QUIETLOVE's relatable single, "The Dream," and catch the song's heavily introspective music video on YouTube.

We must thank you for creating such a heavily relatable and emotional single like "The Dream". Was there a specific moment that inspired you to write a song about your inner worries and thoughts?

I had a conversation with a close friend of mine and I remember saying, "I just don't want to lose myself to the process". That really sparked the idea behind the lyrics. It's funny, sometimes the right words come from just living our lives. I love the raw honesty of the lyrics.

Seeing as you produced your single, "The Dream," how did you create the sonics to offer a sense of heightened emotion, similar to the song's lyricism?

When I wrote the song, I knew I wanted a lot of dynamics within the song -- much like chasing a dream. You're up, you're down. Life gets loud sometimes. The verses are these wide huge open spaces, and the chorus simmers down to just a lead vocal and synth. There's a lot of tension and release, so I tried my best to convey that through the music.

Regarding the music video for "The Dream," did you work with any directors or editors? How did they make the shooting process easier and more enjoyable for you?

I worked with a good friend, Peter DiBussolo. He shot, directed, and edited the music video - such a powerhouse. We've done a few videos together now and every single time he brings the vision to life.

If there was one message that listeners could take away from your reflective single, "The Dream," what would it be? What message did you want to leave them with?

I think the best thing you can take away from the song is that it's okay to lose your way sometimes. It's natural, and very much a part of the process. You're not alone. The important variable is that you keep moving forward despite fear, self-doubt, and everything in between. Just keep going!



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