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QUIETLOVE Struggles To Delete The "Selfies," Of A Past Relationship

"Been at it since MySpace, still highly underpaid, loving every second of it," singer-songwriter, producer, and recording artist QUIETLOVE releases his upbeat break-up tune, "Selfies."

QUIETLOVE had a knack for music at a young age. After learning how to compose, record, and produce songs, he went on to wow audiences at various venues alongside acts Tyler Shaw, Virginia to Vegan, Tokyo Police Club, The Strumbellas, and many more.

Now releasing his heartfelt and lively single, "Selfies," QUIETLOVE portrays the modern struggle of parting ways with someone and the inclination to stay connected via our handheld devices. The song was produced, written, and engineered entirely by QUIETLOVE, mixed by Jack Emblem, and mastered by multi-platinum engineer Dan Weston.

Jumping into the charismatic new single, "Selfies," the tune kicks off with QUIETLOVE's smooth and sultry vocals alongside an r&b-inspired keyboard melody and soft drum breaks. As the delicate fluttery synths begin to melt through our speakers, QUIETLOVE jumps into the pre-hook with heavy kicks and brass while reminiscing on times spent with someone of the past. But now, all he's left to remember them by are the selfies on his phone.

Although QUIETLOVE sings a rather reflective and melancholy message, the song is the grooviest piece of contemporary pop that leaves us dancing in our seats. We adore the blend of pop and r&b that the production offers; it's clear that QUIETLOVE has mastered the art of dynamic and versatile music creation. As the song ends with a voicemail, evoking a sense of disconnection, we're left wanting to experience the ride all over again.

Part ways with the past with help from QUIETLOVE's new single, "Selfies," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the energy and groove of your latest single, "Selfies." When did you feel inspired to create this track? What compelled you to do so?

Appreciate your kind words on the new single, it’s funny, I was going through a bit of a “break-up” with someone I was casually dating for a couple of weeks. After all, was said and done, I just kind of became enamored with the fact that someone that could mean so much to you in one moment -- suddenly doesn’t, and what’s left is…. Well, you know the rest!

Was it challenging to write your honest lyricism for "Selfies"? Or was it easy for you to lay it all on the line?

Oddly easy, to be quite honest. I wrote the lyrics within an hour or so. I think it’s because of the light-hearted approach to the sonics and sounds of the song, it was simple to get to that place of vulnerability.

What was your solo creative process like when formulating the production for "Selfies"? How were you able to create the song's foundation and work your way up?

It all started with the main Rhodes riff, once I heard that, it was over. Everything after that came so naturally, I remember having the foundation within the first session or two. Lyrics came within the hour (which wasn’t typical for me). I liked the rawness of the song, so I rolled with that.

Why did you choose to create more of an uplifting sonic landscape for "Selfies," even though you're singing a rather saddened message?

I was listening to a lot of Jon Bellion at the time, and I wanted to make something anthemic and symphonic, yet raw, honest and true. I like to make danceable heartbreak bops if you will.

What's next for you?

So much. I want to take these songs live next year, without a doubt. Land a song placement in a TV show/movie *speak it into existence*, right? The main focus is to continue writing/releasing


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