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Quinn Mills & the Common Era Set To Explode After “Another Minute” Release

Quinn Mills & the Common Era are ready to launch with their new single “Another Minute”. This band is going hard gaining ground and making a name for themselves in the Toronto and New York music scenes. At just shy of 20 years old, QuinnMills is a gifted songwriter, guitarist and produces his own songs and beats. Mills who already has three singles under his belt, is now joined by 26 year old drummer Chris Buysse and 20 year old bassist Julian Guzman- “Another Minute” follows their first release together: “Silver Lining”. Not slowing down, this trio is ramping up their musical presence with their second album already written and recorded and in the process of being mixed.

“Another Minute” is a fast paced indie rock tune that propels you forward with spiky guitars, chugging backbeats, and self-assured songwriting. Quinn Mills & the Common Era creatively spin traditional rock into the new millennium. The future is bright for Quinn Mills & the Common Era; these guys have the prowess of what it takes to make their name known. Don’t wait another minute and stream “Another Minute” now!

Listen to "Another Minute" here and get to know the band in our interview below!

Hi guys! Congratulations on your latest single “Another Minute”! You can tell how much time and energy went into this song. How does it feel listening to the finished product now available to listeners?

It feels so great to have the song out and to hear all the positive feedback about it! After posting a few live videos of the song back in November, we got several requests to release it, so it feels really great to deliver! 

You indicated you met through a Canadian buy and sell site. Just curious what were you selling and how did it lead to collaborating and forming Quinn Mills & the Common Era?

My drummer Chris posted an add on Kijiji searching for an artist to work with and when we met we clicked immediately. A few days later, I posted an add searching for a bass player and Jules was the first person to audition. We worked so well together we had our first gig as a band a week later. 

What artists really inspired you to start making your own music?

When I was younger my mom was a huge Rick Springfield fan, so I used to take his albums up to my room and learn them by ear. After a while of doing this at the age of 8 I realized I wanted to start making my own songs to play. In my early teenage years, my writing was heavily influenced by Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd. 

What can we look forward to from Quinn Mills & the Common Era this year?

We are in the midsts of recording and mixing our second studio album so that is on the way. We are also hoping to get on a tour! 

You guys are insanely busy, playing over 150 shows over two year span, where do you find the time to sit down and write new songs?

Song ideas often come to me at the most peculiar of times. Often in the shower a melody or lyric idea will pop into my head and I'll have to rush out to grab my guitar and write out the song. We also write together every time we practice and Jules and I will always exchange ideas. 

What's next for you through 2019?

Through 2019 we are aiming to release our second album, go on tour and possibly play in the UK. 


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