“Quit” Is Mountain Bird’s Latest Motivational Hit

Adam Öhman who is better known for his professional name, Mountain Bird, has become an artist who is quickly on the rise. Known for his mesmerizing, synth-laden melodies and sleek future-bass styled beats, Mountain Bird paints a picture of dreamy Scandinavian melancholy. From Sweden to Berlin, we can’t wait to see what Mountain Bird delivers next!

“My experience so far has shown me that as long as I don’t quit, and keep pushing, things will turn out how I want them to; action breeds consequence, not the opposite. There are so many people out there that want everything, right now - but great things take time...as long as I don’t quit.” 

-Mountain Bird

With a haunting and melancholic intro, “Quit” is a new summer sizzle from Mountain Bird. The track quickly transitions into an upbeat electronic anthem. The track focuses heavily on self-sufficiency and taking responsibility for yourself and your success. Hard work is the only true way to success and Mountain Bird knows that. He curated the track when he was going through a stressful time in his life after he moved to Berlin alone. He needed a comforting voice, so he created it for himself. The single, which features vocals from the producer-turned-artist himself, will be the first taken from a brand new EP with details to be announced in the near future! 

Check out “Quit” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Adam! Thanks for chatting with us! How did you get started writing music? How did you know it was something you wanted to produce more professionally?

No worries :) It started off with my sister that was a great drummer and I used to borrow her drum set when she was away from the house. Later on after a bunch of years of becoming a decent drummer myself, I started taking up piano at highschool. During that time I felt super alone and had lots of problems with my panic attacks and mental health... So I asked my teacher if I could borrow the keys to the studio at the school because I didnt want to head home to the apartment because I knew my demons would come get me. I spent a lot of nights in that studio trying to learn how to produce. It was a great place to learn and I got to have the confience to experience my own failures and eventually started getting the hang of it. I think that's the most important key to being good at anything. To fail so many times that you can't fail anymore..

What does your new song “Quit” mean to you? What was the writing process like?

I wrote it in a time during a lot of self doubts. I have lots of them everyday and trying to progress in music isn't a day in the park i'm telling you.. I was feeling alone in Berlin where I lived by that time, trying to write new songs. That's when I felt I needed a comforting voice since I had no one to talk to by the time. So I created it myself. Lyrics came first then I just sat infront of my piano and wrote the whole thing there, after that I moved on to logic. I also felt excited because I havent been writing something that was that upbeat before. That's something i've learned just recently, to not be afraid of whatever comes out of my mind.

What do you hope your listeners take away from this song?

I hope they feel empowered by their own mind and will. There's a lot of culture these days that the big cooperate people will fix your life and that we need to buy their products to be a better human. But it's not about that at all. We get so brainwashed, it's really about having the confidence to put a lot of hours into something you love until people can't ignore it anymore. Simple, yet so hard because it takes so much time and it's scary to invest your life into something that you also love. But I think now more than ever it's important to build your own bubble of meaning and be true to your self.

How do you feed your passion for making music everyday?

I see it more as exercising or eating or breathing. It's a long process that require me to sit down and expose myself to it. As long as I do that every day great tracks will pop out of my head, because it has happened before. I don't know how though, that's the weird thing, it's like you have some kind of weird alien contact and then suddenly you loose it again. That's why it's hard sometimes let's say in meetings to speak about your music because I don't really know how it happened haha. I also feel very inspired by singing and using my voice now. I've been practicing for lots of years but now I finally feel happy and that I can sing whatever I want to. That also alters my writing style into another dimension.

When can we expect more details on your upcoming EP? What can you tell us about it?

I will release a lot of singles throughout the year with like 5 weeks apart from each. That's I can say hehe....What I also can say is that from now on I will release material as much as I can, I'm writing more than ever and I'm ready to make Mountain Bird bigger now.

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