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R.A.E. RealAndExplicit Takes Us on Her Endless Grind In, "I BEEN"

Based in the DC Metropolitan Area, songwriter, rapper, and recording artist R.A.E. RealAndExplicit never fails to trailblaze new approaches to the rap game with each release, especially her most recent hard-hitting single, "I BEEN."

The young recording artist is continuously winning over fans with her versatile sound while blurring the lines between pop, rock, and trap. Not afraid to break barriers or snap the chains of social norms, R.A.E.'s bold and energetic artistry encourages her audience to live unapologetically and be confident in their choice of style and expression.

Jumping into the savory and rich stylings of R.A.E. RealAndExplicit, her latest single, "I BEEN," takes listeners through a typical day in the life of the hungry go-getter. While delivering incredible rhythm, soul, and energy, R.A.E. rides the beat with the utmost poise as she pays tribute to her endless grind.

Hitting play on "I BEEN," the track kicks off with a haunting and eerie sonic arrangement that drifts and floats in the background with chilling vocal samples and soft piano/synth melodies. As the beat begins to expand, R.A.E. RealAndExplicit joins the party and begins enlightening listeners on her perpetual grind and the passion she holds for chasing her deepest desires.

Once we reach the rhythmic hook, R.A.E. rides the spicy beat with absolute dominance and attitude, truly crunching her way through the hip-hop game and leaving her crumbs behind for others to get a taste. We can't get enough of the song's heat and overall intensity, as it reminds us to chase our dreams and desires until we're nothing but satisfied.

Get on your grind with help from R.A.E. RealAndExplicit's latest single, "I BEEN," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic R.A.E.. What a striking and catchy release you've provided with your latest single, "I BEEN." What inspired you to write a song based on your endless grind to success?

MANNN, lol it was just the vibe of the beat. With the guitar riff, it just gave me a storytelling feel. So that’s what I went with through the lyrics and it's simply the truth about my grind. I have gone through a lot within my journey to success and still have so much more to go but I wanted others to be inspired through this song which is why I put it in storytelling form in a way. We all have BEEN on the road towards our dreams, aspirations, goals, and no matter how much or how long you have grinded, YOU GOT TO KEEP GOING EVEN WHEN YOU GET THERE!

Did you team up with any producers when creating the fiery beat and production for "I BEEN?” How did you want the overall sonic atmosphere to make listeners feel?

The beat was actually offered to me to see what I could do with it so it was already made, but as far as the production I teamed up with a good friend of mine that goes by the name of Dinero The Boss, he is the CEO of an independent label back in the DMV called Dinero Records Entertainment. I had the pleasure to have him record the song, but Dinero, TiliiMusic (another good friend of mine from the DMV), and I were the hands behind the mixing and mastering of the song. I want the listeners to feel inspired and pushed to continue to move forward and to ignore the lies of the devil, family, and friends who tell you can’t do it or you won’t make it. That dream is in your heart for a reason and purpose keep going after it to prove ALL the haters wrong, “And I’m just tryna find my way to the top, so I can see them hating on me from the top” that’s what those lyrics mean.

What was your songwriting process like for "I BEEN?” How long did it take to write such dominant, explorative, and rhythmic bars?

To be honest, I don’t have a full-on process, it’s more so about how I feel the beat and what comes first. Whether it is the hook, or the verse, or just a simple melody. With this song, it was definitely the lyrics that came first. I just felt the story through that guitar and I think that one piece of the beat is what drove the lyricism. But I do write poetically by nature in all my music but this one was probably the more prominent because of its message.

What do you want your music to stand for and represent? How do songs like "I BEEN" help us get to know you and your artistic brand?

I want my music to stand for TRUTH, there is a lot of trend and CAP lol in music now where it was once an opportunity to just spread art and stories within the music. Now, it is just a trend and I won't just want to bring back what music is supposed to do which is to move, touch, and heal. On the flip side, I want it to represent just pure originality, which I believe is another thing missing in music today, but it can be found in the pool of independent artists. I believe we are the MOST original creators in music now and I want to be the voice that represents all independent artists so that more of us can be heard and seen on the same level if not higher than the mainstream artists. I BEEN is just showing not only the versatility within my musical brand but just shows the healing factor of it too. All my music touches some sort of emotion that most artists now ignore because the sexual and violent content sells more, but I am creating my own lane and sticking with it. RAW EMOTION is what I say is what will get others to know me and my music. Lastly, just being me and different. I am the NEON ROCKSTAR and QUEEN SCALLYWAG in the industry. THERE IS NO ONE LIKE ME! Scallywag, yes has a derogatory meaning, but I am using it on purpose to flip it from negative to a positive meaning which is you just being confident and being different, being a misfit within the barriers and systems in society and even in music.

What's next for you?

Well, right now I am currently signed to an independent label, BlackiRecords. I am a part of a girl group called Suicide Dollz and we got dope stuff dropping soon, along with a major interview with Off The Porch, and our first performance. But on my end, I’m simply preparing my personal solo brand; music, clothing line, and radio show; behind the scenes just getting rebranded and touched up. I have unreleased music and will be writing new soon too. Just want to stay prepared for the next big thing solo-wise and group-wise.


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