R A M Z I E Releases His Memorable And Addictive New Single “Stuck”

A Georgia native who has a trendy style that will reel the listener in with its enigmatic energy and wavy melodic arrangements, R A M Z I E has just given us a grandiose hit titled “Stuck”. “Stuck” was a colorful single that has a striking appeal to the layered verses and infectious hook. The hook in “Stuck” does exactly what the title suggests. It sticks to us like a thick texture like glue. Having this unforgettable vibe that you will want to experience again.

“Stuck” had a tough beat that will generate great buzz. We all need that perfect banger to get the party jumping and in the groove and “Stuck” has the radiating energy as well as the smoothly-connected flow where people can get hooked on his metaphors and melody. R A M Z I E is a versatile artist who integrates all his influences into one diverse sound. With major inspirations coming from artists like Michael Jackson, XXXTentacion, ACDC, and more, you can not predict what dimension R A M Z I E will take you in with his music! This unpredictable vibe is felt throughout “Struck”, keeping an element of surprise in its production.

Listen to “Struck” by R A M Z I E here.

Hey R A M Z I E. We loved listening to your single “Stuck”.  Knowing you’re influenced by a vast range of artists and genres, what was the key sound you were aiming for in “Stuck”? 

First, thank you; I appreciate that you enjoy the song. Secondly, to be honest, I wasn’t aiming for a certain sound when making the song. I heard the beat and the flow for the hook came to me immediately, and I went from there.

Can you detail to us the key theme in “Stuck”? What inspired you to write this single and did you experience any difficulties during the creative process of it?

The theme of the song is me feeling “stuck” where I’m at in the rap game, but that I know that it’s only temporary. I speak on the changes that I expect to happen when I’m no longer stuck on “this side” of fame.

Knowing you’ve performed in several venues across Atlanta, how has this experience shaped your stage presence? Do you have any pre-performance traditions you do?

The most important part of performing, in my opinion, is actually doing it. Once I forced myself to get on stage and just do my best, I saw that people enjoyed the energy that I was giving and reciprocated it. This made it very easier for me to get on stage the next few times and have fun while performing as opposed to feeling sheepish or nervous.

How do you plan on evolving your future releases from a hit like “Stuck”? 

As I continue to make music, I see evolution in my style and approach. Whether I make a song that’s similar in bounce to “stuck” or one that’s a different genre altogether, I’m always looking for ways to make my music the best that it can be. I achieve that by making music that I genuinely feel when making it. Even after I’ve finished recording a song, I’ll listen to it on repeat for days thinking on whether I need to change, tweak, or add something. When I’m satisfied with the feeling that it gives me, I can plan a time to release when that feeling is most relevant.