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R&B/Alternative Artist Ajanne Will Have You Feeling Relaxed and Connected With, "Sane"

Detroit's Singer-Songwriter Ajanne is sure to connect with listeners in her new single “Sane”.

This R&B/Alternative artist has drawn from her fair share of influences in order to create her unique light artistic music.

Deduced from the likeness of Sia, Billie Eilish, and other self-writing artists, Ajanne has been able to craft her rare airy vocal tone and captivate listeners in her new track. This song truly compliments how individuals have been feeling as they reach for something or someone to keep them sane in 2020.

As she draws from her personal feelings and environment it is clear the reliance she feels on a specific individual within the lyrics in this track. The clean rhythms created by the background piano and violin are able to accentuate Ajanne’s soft vocals and intensify listeners' feeling of floating upon a cloud.

“Sane” is able to transform sound into an artform as Ajanne’s relaxing voice and meaningful personally written lyrics create a dreamy scene.

The composure within this track offers listeners a relaxing vibe with faint connections to a significant lover.

The rhythmic overarching melodies connect together to create this deep track and highlight the light and delicate nature of Ajanne’s voice. She hopes listeners will relate and feel the heartbreak, recovery, and growth experienced in her life through “Sane” and her new releases continuing into 2021.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are loving your new track “Sane”, what were your intentions and creative vision for this song?

When I heard the beat it’s was just very calming to my spirit and I wanted to write lyrics that spoke on being needed to feel relaxed or calm.

You mentioned you need to work in silence to keep your writing juices flowing while creating tracks. What sort of impact do you think this writing process had in creating your dreamy and soft vocal tones?

Within the silence can be the most beautiful sounds like someone taking deep breaths, cars driving by, it just gives me this melancholy vibe that I like.

Would you say that “Sane” was directed to a specific individual?

It definitely could be depending on whatever mood I’m in. Also, they can be slightly self-motivated with a little religion behind it. All these things could keep any person a little saner.

We really love the relaxing composure within your voice! Do you ever see yourself branching out into other genres of music as well?

Of course, I consider myself a risk-taker when it comes to the music I write. I write based on emotions and I pretty much experienced them all in every kind of setting and my music will definitely reflect that.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

Right now I’m inspired to release my first EP because it’s my first ever and I’m really excited about it and I’m just ready for my music career to start it journey. My biggest advice is to keep writing even if you can’t perform or record, one day you will but you have to have material.


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