R&B Artist C.P. Drops Smooth Sensual Track “Tell Me How”

Charles Caldwell, better known by his professional name C.P. is a contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop artist that was born in Harlem but primarily raised in the Bronx. As a child, he was one of the highest-paid child models which unfortunately came to a crashing halt at the age of 6 years old. He suffered 3rd degree burns over 85 percent of his body shattering dreams. However, his craving for self-expression was strong and his passion for music emerged from its hiding place. Dealing with racism and prejudice in high school, C.P. once again persevered and made the most of his trials and tribulations. “I poured myself into writing poetry and songs, performing open mic/talent showcases,” said C.P. “I used the raw emotions of my life experiences to communicate my sentiments honestly— my music became my healing balm and I applied it to all the wounds of life.” 

“Music is my passion and my passion runs deep within my soul. Without music I would not be the person I am—this isn’t a job for me it is a way of life.” 

- Charles Caldwell

Charles Caldwell’s single titled “Tell Me How” is a smooth fusion between R&B and contemporary hip-hop. We love the sensual and hard-hitting lyricism that C.P. exudes. His confident and seductive vocals weave through every element of the track and we can’t get enough! Since it’s release, “Tell Me How” has seen nothing but success and streams around the globe. C.P curates hits that his fans can easily relate to and that’s an extremely admirable quality for an up and coming artist to have. I highly recommend you check out C.P.’s track “Tell Me How” and stay on the lookout for C.P. and his future musical endeavors!

Listen to “Tell Me How” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Charles! Can you tell our readers more about your upbringing into making music?

The origin of me making music started with listening to music as a child as my mom cleaned the house, leveled up in middle school, where I started writing poems and performing, then to semi-pro in college, which then flourished into a professional career and business in 2009

How does your past affect your songwriting styles today?

My past makes me write from my heart and stay genuine to what I know instead of embellishing at all. Everything I write is first or second hand experiences, whether it’s my own or someone close to me

What’s the main theme of your track “Tell Me How”?

Sex lol. I can try to make it sound as nice as possible but the main theme of the song is sexual confidence and swag. In short, going out with the intentions to find someone to go home and have fun with and leaves them pleased as best as possible 

What emotions did you channel when writing this track?

Well the older I’m getting, I’m getting much more comfortable talking about my past sexual encounters. So I just took bits and pieces of myself and put my bachelor life in the song. Not everything but just enough to make a great song

What’s next for you C.P.?

Well along with my deal with Touch Music Group, I will have a gang load of material flying off for the rest of the year. Whether it’s solo, features, or group stuff,, C.P. will be pumping through many stereos moving forward.  So stay tuned and watch me work. 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cp_caldwell

Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamooakcp