R&B Artist Kyn Captures the Meaning of Desire With Her Alluring Track “Tell Me How You Feel”

R&B artist Kyn from Atlanta, Georgia is showering us with her latest hit “Tell Me How You Feel”. With incredible persistence, Kyn has shared her vocal stylings with the world through auditioning and making it to the Top 8 of The Voice. After receiving harsh critiques from the judges, she came full circle and realized that she didn’t need the judge’s approval to be successful, she already was. Creating music that comes from the soul and beaming with confidence, Kyn’s latest hit “Tell Me How You Feel” is a perfect example of this. With mid-tempo modern R&B production and Kyn’s luminous vocals, she’s prepared an exceptionally alluring track. “Tell Me How You Feel” begins with Kyn’s voice through a phone call effect, with a progressively growing beat making its way to the foreground.

While incorporating bright and chiming synth patterns in the background creating a warm ambiance, awaiting the arrival of Kyn’s heavenly vocals. Reigning down on us with lyrics like “Tell me how you feel, let me know it’s real”, Kyn has captured the essence of desire and shaped her song to portray how deep her emotions run. With relatable lyrics and angelic vocals, Kyn has shifted her perspective from obstacles in the past, only to use them as stepping stools for her bright future.

Listen to "Tell Me How You Feel" here.