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R&B Artist logyn Douses Us in, "Kisses from Heaven"

Up and coming R&B artist, logyn is based out of Los Angeles. Largely pulling inspiration from greats such as Janet Jackson and Sade, logyn mixes the intimate vocal styles of the quiet storm with contemporary pop production.

Taking us into the atmospheric world of his musical techniques, logyn provides listeners with his debut single, “Kisses from Heaven.” This record comes to us after a year of diligently working towards the release of his debut EP.

Swarming us in ethereal vocals that master the use of timing and space, we’re swept into a realm of sensual emotion projected through our speakers. There’s an immersive experience that happens when you take in the repetition of the soul-infused lyrics heard. Approaching words such as, ‘Read my body, body, body language. Imma read your body, body, body language,’ with the type of simplicity that burns itself into your mind, logyn’s sultry croons douse us in layers of harmonic bliss as we take in a healthy serving of the message he’s putting down.

Swaying from side to side as the layers heard through melodically sculpted descants take over our very being, we’re appreciative for the attention to detail that logyn places in, “Kisses from Heaven.” Intricately bringing forth dimensions that are felt more than heard, we grasp the warmth of logyn’s embrace, as he extends an invitation out to all of his listeners. If “Kisses from Heaven” defines the resonance that we’ll be treated to on the full EP, we can’t wait to see what logyn has in store for us.

Hello logyn, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, “Kisses from Heaven.” We’re mesmerized by how this song is executed in such a compelling way. With this being your debut release, what inspired you to lead with this track?

Thank you! I've taken quite a few years to develop the vocal style within my music. Oftentimes, I find myself layering over 40 vocal tracks at once to create my sound. I felt this single represented the music I've always heard in my head. Because of this, I wanted to let this track speak for itself as a single, my first ever. Also, this track is a great mix of sensual lyricism and upbeat moving instrumentation, something I feel is a recurring theme in my upcoming EP.

In your own words, what does this single mean to you? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes and emotions implemented?

Transparently, this single really doesn't epitomize emotional depth as conveyed through lyricism. Rather, I feel the movement of the vocals and instrumentation serve to convey the depth of feeling I experienced while recording it. I think I'm hoping my audience hears the song the same way I do, with intimacy.

Could you please share a glimpse into how you managed to make this song truly jump from the speakers?

"Kisses From Heaven" was a concept I'd been working with for a while. With my softer vocal style, it can be difficult to make a song sound as grandiose as I'd like it to. I find myself putting a lot of cuts in the instrumentation to create a sense of suspense. Also, I love creating complicated background vocals to weave a more intricate sound, using them to rhythmically play with the main vocal, giving more texture and shape to the song. On top of all of this, I don't typically like to stay on one melody too long, something you'll hear more on the EP. I like to play with a lot of melodic ideas for a track and incorporate them into the song however I can. Stylistically I feel this is my comfortable way of making a song pull the ear.

Is “Kisses from Heaven,” an indicator as to what we can expect from your EP? What can you tell us about that?

The EP is in many ways represented by "Kisses From Heaven," through the vocal style and R&B instrumentation. Though, ironically enough, the EP is markedly more upbeat than the single itself. There is quite a lot of funk on the record, as opposed to the single, being more of an R&B record. I'd say the EP in its entirety touches on a more diverse range of influences, such as 70's funk and R&B. Ultimately, the EP is still uniform in sound and distinctly my own.


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