R&B Artist Payton Releases Emotional & Inspirational Song "Endure"

Born in Tucson, Arizona comes R&B/Soul artist Payton. Growing up in a musically-driven family, Payton has always felt motivated to attribute his goals and intentions towards the music scene. Developing a strong work ethic regarding his music career, Payton has already performed at venues across the state, and out of state. Facing many trivial times throughout his life thus far, Payton has so much wisdom to contribute to his music, putting his motivational insight into the very tracks we hear from him today. Payton has recently released his track "Endure", which shares a huge part of these aspiring stories he holds, combined with a pretty catchy melody in order to stimulate more of the environment his music requires.

A soothing guitar rhythm opens up "Endure," but almost immediately transitions into a more contemporary R&B style. Payton's vocals softly integrate into the track and resemble early 00's prime vocal features. One element that's very noticeable of Payton is how smooth his voice is, and how appealing it is once combined with the more upbeat production. "Endure" is full of emotion from Payton, with clear intentions being presented to listeners. "Endure" is definitely more of a dramatic storyline, taking listeners through the very intrinsic thoughts of Payton in such a methodical way. Payton strives to get inspiration across to listeners with "Endure", relaying the message of perseverance and strength. As an artist who puts emphasis on such incentives, Payton is clearly building a strong foundation with his faith. 

Listen to "Endure" by Payton here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Payton! Talk to us a little bit about your stage name. What's the story behind "Payton"?

Payton is my actual name, Payton Goldston. I've gone by other names before, P-star and Psalm Star to name a few, but nothing stuck. I've only met a handful of people also named Payton, and they were all younger than me, so I just decided to go with my real name. My mom named me after the football player Walter Payton.

You grew up in a musical household. How did this help you to shape your career in music from a young age?

My mom and Grandmother inspired me to want to sing from a young age. Just seeing them sing around the house, or at church gave me a passion to also sing. I started off in the kid choirs in elementary and middle school. My teachers saw something in me that I didn't, so they encouraged me to sing more often and participate and regional and state choirs. My high school choir teacher did the same, but I would reminisce about the stories my Mom would tell me when she would be in open mic nights at night clubs and when she almost landed a part in Sister Act 2. She told me never took the risk and tried to pursue music further, but she wanted me to. So I made it a goal of mine to pursue music. Now here I am, 32 years old, finally making moves. We really enjoyed your single “Endure”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

This song took a long time to make! I started working on this song back in 2012! I only wrote the chorus at that time. The younger me kept blaming it on writers' block, but it was really me not sitting down and taking the time to write it as I should have. I worked on it little by little until I finally finished it in 2018. A musician that works with said that the songs that show the most vulnerable side of you can be the most difficult to write because you never feel like you've fully conveyed your message. That's how I felt at that time. I finished writing but I felt like it wasn't complete yet. Another year of sitting on it and finally made some edits and got it recorded. Now I believe it is complete.

What inspired you to write "Endure"? 

I realized sometimes healing takes enduring pain. Some wounds are too deep for a band-aid-like a remedy. This is also true emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically. This is me describing my process, being afraid to endure the pain of healing, but knowing that God is there is help me through it. What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

A lot more content, including two EPs and some music videos before the end of the year hopefully. I'm also working with a collective of artists and musicians on an EP set to drop this year as well. Can't give away too many details on that but more to come.