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R&B Sensation Marquis Brings Us His Latest Single “Down on Me”

R&B recording artist/producer Marquis began in the music scene in 2014 and since then has created himself into a multifaceted artist with his own signature sound. This artist is known for his soulful voice and melodic vocals and his music gives you sounds and vibes that are familiar and original yet fresh! After releasing the track we are tuning into, “Down on Me” in October of 2018, it landed him a concert performance opening for Ginuwine, and Jon B in December 2018! With each new song Marquis has proven that he is a vital voice within the R&B music scene and he is determined to make his mark!

The piano melody gets me every time this song starts. And the soft vocals in the background. I really love how this song opens up within the first 30 seconds. Wonderful vocals! He has a dynamic vocal range and definitely has a sound of his own. I mean I can definitely put him in the same room with the Ginuwines, Jon B’s, and Pretty Ricky’s just to name a few but he has his own style for sure! This song is definitely a lovers hit. I enjoy the mix of hip hop and R&B within this song and the classic touches like the guitar solo and the catchy lyrics that really add the stamp of R&B. “Down on Me” hits all the great nods to R&B music.

Listen to "Down On Me" here and get to know more about Marquis below!

Hi there. Would you kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello I’m R&B Recording Artist/ Music Producer (Marquis Music)

And I been involved in music since I was 12 years old.  I wake up to melodies in my head and I love to record and create good music.

When did you realize you would dedicate your life to music?

I realized in 2014 that after creating and producing music all these years and helping other artists in the studio featuring on tracks I told myself it’s time for me to get my solo project together.

How has your experience helped you grow as an artist?

My experience been up and down in the business but I realized that you have to stay focus and grind hard it’s not easy but you have to believe in yourself and keep the faith and you will make it. 

What influenced the song “Down on Me”?

What influenced the song down on me is that I love making bedroom music and love songs and really focusing on what woman love and like so I thought about all that when writing this song. 

What can we expect from you musically within the near future?

In the next future you can expect the best R&B music to come from marquis music featuring the best artists everyone loves 


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