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R&B Singer Sage Harris Returns With The Sultry Single “Let Me Know,” Featuring Jagged Edge

Toronto R&B singer, Sage Harris, has been engaged in music his whole life, singing since the age of five and dancing since eleven. Sage Harris’ mother would sing songs around the house from artists that have been significant influences on his career today. A classic triple-threat, Sage Harris has been cited for his broad vocal range, unique writing style, and love for dancing.

The singer-songwriter released his highly anticipated single “Let Me Know,” featuring Jagged Edge, on November 3rd. The close collaboration came to be when the Saturday Life recording artist linked up with Brian Casey, a member of Jagged Edge. The two connected via mutual friend Markus Burns, producer of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Brandishing the idea of flipping a hit song for nostalgic R&B fans, Sage Harris’ mentor, Preme, brought forth the idea to revamp the chart-topper ‘Where The Party At.’ The hit was originally performed by Jagged Edge and featured Nelly.

“Let Me Know” leaves you in a drunken, musical daze. Sage Harris serenades listeners into a hypnotic stupor by applying his mesmerizing vocals to reel in the audience from the jump. Verbalizing his physical and emotional feelings, the sensual singer is searching for the true nature of the party. With a beautiful specimen catching his eye, his only intent is to continue the night’s activities and create memories. A perfect song for your intimate and dance-inspired playlist, “Let Me Know,” will most definitely set the mood and get you moving.

Given his raw talent and dedicated drive, Sage Harris seems to have wholly shelved any rumors of him hitting a plateau. With the recent release of his debut EP ‘Prince Hills,’ Sage Harris offers fans a plentiful amount of content to take in. We look forward to seeing where his career takes him.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sage Harris. Congratulations on the release of your single “Let Me Know,” featuring Jagged Edge. What were your first thoughts when you realized you would be working with such a legendary group?

It is an honor and absolute blessing to have been blessed with their talent on a record I created based on the early 2000 record “Where The Party At” featuring Nelly, which was released exactly a decade ago.

What impact did working with Brian Casey have on your creative process?

I grew up listening to “Where The Party At” so it was naturally one of the first songs that came to mind when thinking about what old-school RnB song I could experiment with. I created the record and sent it over to him. His words were “This is as hard as steel”. It was honestly that quick, especially because we hung out a few times in ATL my first time there. So there was a genuine relationship built.

How much of an influence has the city of Toronto had on your sound and character?

This is the city where I was born, I fell in love and my heart got broken. The emotional roller coaster that I’ve been on at some times shaped who I am and how my perspectives have changed over time. My experiences in Toronto have a lot of influence on my sound and lyrics.

What message would you like to relay to fans who are just discovering you?

I thank you in advance for your support and you are in for one hell of a journey. But also to remember to never let anyone put you in a box and limit your creativity. It’s so important to surround yourself with the right people who are going to support you, challenge you and uplift you (literally..go look at my upside-down live performance of Meds on Youtube).

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