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R&B Songstress And Powerhouse Rapper Rozetta Marie Makes Waves With “Geminii Juice”

Born and raised in a mixed cultured household (Panamanian and American) in Brooklyn NY, a spotlight stealer was born. Singer/songwriter Rozetta Marie is a confident and much-needed addition to the music industry. Rozetta Marie is currently focused on her upcoming album "Geminii Life". Much like her multiple Gemini personalities, her sound speaks to a wide variety of listeners and genres of music, such as hip-hop, R&B, pop, and even a little soulful alternative rock. Her voice can go from a sultry Anita Baker to a raspy sexy Jasmine Sullivan, to a hardcore seductive Rihanna, and then when you think you’ve heard it all, she hits you with a fire rap flow. Her lyrics are clever and expressive, her look is enticing, and her voice is hypnotic. 

Geminii Juice” is a versatile track that features a smooth R&B aura, Rozetta Marie’s soulful vocals, melodic bars, and a well-fitting rap delivery. Whether she’s weaving through catchy verses or the addicting hook, Rozetta Marie’s powerhouse vocals remain strong over top of the heavy backbeat. “Geminii Juice” is a track all about how mesmerizing, ambitious, and inspiring Rozetta Marie is. Her quirky rhymes will leave you singing along to every bar and “Geminii Juice” features a hook that will guarantee a second listen. We welcome this budding songstress into the BuzzMusic Family with open arms and we can’t wait to see what she delivers next! 

Check out “Geminii Juice” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Rozetta Marie!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rozetta Marie! You give off a really confident aura through your music! Is this a skill you've developed over time or has it come naturally to you? 

Thanks! I would say both. I've always had a natural gift to sing and write songs ever since I was a young child. I actually started out dancing professionally in modern theatrical dance with NDI (the National Dance Institute) by Jacques D'Amboise, in the 3rd grade, which lasted for about five years or so (performing at Madison Square Garden, and Lincoln Center in NYC). By the time I was in 7th grade, I attended a performing arts school for Junior High, where I wrote my first song and sang it in front of my first real audience, my class. That's when I realized I loved vocal art and writing more than dance. My parents then enrolled me in a performing arts school outside of regular school (Brooklyn Conservatory of Music), where I attended weekend classes for piano, individual voice, chorus, and acting. With the chorus, I performed at Lincoln Center and BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) for NDI's dance productions. I even went to a performing arts camp. Lol. By High School, I became the girl known for writing songs for people on the block. I also joined several singing groups along the way before I finally stepped out as a solo artist. In addition to all of the formal training I received to nurture my natural talents, my mom also has a beautiful voice and sang in church, where I also sang in the choir; and my dad was a part time professional jazz musician (skilled in several instruments). Overall, between my natural abilities that were obviously passed down from my parents, formal training, and priceless life experiences in this industry, I finally found my sound, which is a combination of singing and rapping.

In a male-dominated industry, what sets you apart as a female rapper and artist? 

I'm actually more of a singer than a rapper. But, I see how my current single, Geminii Juice can make people think the opposite. I believe what sets me apart is my wide-ranged versatility. Everyone tells me that my sound is unique. I accept that. I'm a half Hispanic, half American, dark-skinned, thick body framed girl that loves to sing styles of music from rock to hip hop to R&B, and even pop. My voice can literally sound like a different person in each song. People often ask me who does my background vocals, and are usually shocked when I tell them all the voices are me. I'm a true Gemini. Which makes me like a chameleon in this industry. I can fit in anywhere but still, stand out. In addition, being a military vet, I've always challenged men, showing them I can do anything they can do. Lol. Plus, I'm a true Brooklyn girl. So, this being a male dominated industry doesn't bother me at all. I love a good challenge!

"Geminii Life” with a smooth R&B mood. Is this theme carried throughout the album or does it remain versatile? 

Geminii Life the album will remain versatile. People relate being a Gemini with have two faces. My album will illustrate multiple faces. I always tell people I have countless personalities. You'll be able to hear my versatility in both my vocals and genres of music.

What can you tell us about your upcoming project “Gemini Life”? We can’t wait to hear more!

Gemini's are so misunderstood. When you ask someone their sign and they say Gemini, people tend to get uncomfortable or throw a side-eye. I can't speak for all Geminis. But, for me Geminii Life the album will give you an insight into who I really am in life and love. The album will show versatility in both vocals and music styles. There will be something for everyone to enjoy. So, stay tuned!


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