R&B/Soul Has It’s Next Starchild, Sierra Jamerson With the Release of Her Hit “Blood in the Water”

R&B/Soul artist Sierra Jamerson is spreading good vibes with her grooving track “Blood in the Water”. Her soulful songs portray themes of self-love, body image, the environment, spirituality, heartbreak, passion, and equality. Drawing inspiration from R&B/Soul icons like Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, and Erykah Badu, her vocals soar overtop her powerful underlying instrumentation and has been described as “A Fresh sound in Canadian music”. Her hit “Blood In The Water” serves as a fully developed sound with Sierra Jamerson’s angelic vocals and supported by jazzy instrumentation. She takes empowering lyrics of self-love and independence and showers her audience with words they need to hear. The soulful track begins with Sierra Jamerson’s luminous vocals and subtle keyboard notes, letting her voice be the main attraction.

Until the impassioned chorus, Sierra Jamerson’s vocals are met with sublime R&B instrumentation that swells the track’s sensation. “Blood in the Water’ also features phenomenal imagery with compelling lyrics like “There was blood in the water and the current pulled me under, you abandoned me when I needed you the most”. With soothing drum patterns, captivating keyboard melodies and subtle electric guitar, all while Sierra Jamerson’s astounding vocal abilities transition from soft to powerful as the track flows on, “Blood in the Water” is most definitely a song to add to your library.

Listen to "Blood in the Water' on Spotify.