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R&B To a Tee, Experience Summers Ovver With, 'If Your Alone Tonight'

Coming in hot with a fiery, serenading EP, Summers Ovver gives audiences an incredible culmination of genuine, quality-produced R&B music.

Working alongside Tre Kent, this enticing duo has what it takes to create a sonic atmosphere of relaxing, relative vibrations that will have listeners from all over in absolute admiration of their dynamic talent. Summers Ovver, a Salisbury, Maryland native, is a producer, songwriter, and artist that has a gift for masterfully creating an effectual and adept sound.

With the release of 'If Your Alone Tonight,' we are engulfed in fervent, elegant, and provisional music. The ability of Summers Ovver premiers to connect with listeners and provide a relevant basis of emotion holds incredible value, a treat that many artists fail to provide.

Boasting inspiration from producers and artists including Bryan Michael Cox, Rodney Jerkins, and Brian McKnight, Summers Ovver presents pride and precision in his incomparable craft.

As the EP kicks off with a crisp intro track labeled "Incase Your Alone Tonight," we get a bold taste of the versatile and encapsulating flavor which foreshadows a unique venture of experience through the rest of the EP.

"Light a candle" with the follow-up hit titled "For 2nite," with intrepid vocals and a deep bassline that focuses on a sensual adventure through a slow-rock anthem of divulgence and lyrically dexterity.

Next up on the list is "Open Love," which stands out as a unique piece that gives fire and flame to relationships. The vibrant background singing in combination with a mid-tempo beat leaves the audience with a breath of fresh air in the form of memorable style and grace.

As we're gently soothed into our next track "Waitin For You" the listener gets a chance to appreciate a superior sound with a lyrical aptitude and a throaty chorus. This piece particularly paints a mental picture for the audience that's second-to-none, giving substance to a fundamentally sound project.

"Saden Love" is the following track that features the angelic voice of JHAI. The way Tre Kent's vocals are complimented in harmonic duality with JHAI enriches this hit with feverish heat and seduction. Without second thought this song stands out as a bold and striking testament to R&B and what it stands for.

Closing out the EP with "Trust Issues," Summers Ovver and Tre Kent once again come together to deliver a crisp sound that only they can create. By doing what they do best, this thrilling duo gives life to the lyrics recited in this song "can't be only me, baby girl it takes two."

With the compelling production and conveyance of technique spotlighted throughout this EP, audiences everywhere get a powerful idea of the musical integrity Summers Ovver possesses. On a final note, lull yourself into serene dystopia as you sink into the insightful EP 'If Your Alone Tonight.'

Congratulations on the release of your visceral, enlightening EP Summers Ovver, and thanks for joining us here at BuzzMusic. Where have you drawn some inspiration from that's gone towards the creation of the EP?

I would say a lot of inspiration for this specific project came from past relationships & experiences with females... a lot of failures within those too I might add.. which you all will hear within the music.

If there was one message listeners could draw from the EP, what would you like it to be?

One specific message that I would like for people to take away from the project, is that everyone needs love. Everyone needs some type of affection. It’s just an essential feeling that you have to go through in life! Some people try to play hard-bodied and cold-hearted when it comes to pursuing relationships.. but as I said, the reality is that everyone needs it.

Can fans expect more of the same great sound moving forward, or do you plan to shift your focus into different genres at any point soon?

Oh yeah! I and Summer ovver always come up with that heat. I don’t know what it is about the chemistry between us musically but it just works man. We definitely have more singles on the way this year. Our next single which is titled “Friends” is scheduled to be released on April 2nd. It’s on an R&B vibe as well but we definitely will be stepping into other genres for sure.

How did the talent between yourself and Tre Kent come to be the collaboration that it is today?

So me and Tre Kent go back to about 2018. I heard a single he put out back then titled “On Me” and after I heard the raw talent he had on that track, I just had to hit him up to collaborate via Instagram. Little did we know that it would turn into an actual brotherhood. Over time the trust and musical chemistry would develop. But yeah.. 2018 sparked the journey we’re currently on.

What sort of influences in your life brought you towards writing and producing music?

My family, everyone is musical and it took me some time to find my stroke of genius in the family, and production and crafting songs seems to be my thing, but my cousins and my family and just me trying to get out my feelings are what brought me to production music.



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