R&B Trio Half Mile Home Debut Music Video, “Closet”

When's the last time you experienced a good quality R&B trio? If you're trying to figure it out, then it has been too long. Alas, Half Mile Home, Ohio's popular music group, is here to bring their authentic flair with a new music video release.

Consisting of members Dave Felder, Todd Burton, and Darryl Brownlee, Half Mile Home is an R&B-inspired music group that focuses on spreading their faith through art. Drawing on personal life experiences and challenges, Half Mile Home can connect with their listeners on a level of depth that they hope ultimately works to inspire their audience in any way possible.

Half Mile Home are no strangers to the Gospel Billboard charts, and with their hope of continuing this trend, they have released yet another music video accompanying one of their faith-based songs. The latest debut, "Closet," hosts many pivotal understandings of faith that the group hold close to themselves by focusing on the strength they extract from their sense of faith. Nevertheless, the production is pretty typical of your contemporary R&B scene, which adds a really nice juxtaposition between content and production itself.

The music video for "Closet" begins with a captivating storyline that we personally found ourselves hooked on from the start. Visuals in this video tend to go back and forth between close-ups of the group and the scene of the storyline the group is trying to convey. The video makes use of haptics that were effortlessly embedded into the varying shots, making each beat feel more vigorous. The vibes are overall quite catchy with this particular track of theirs. We feel like cruising with the volume on high, mindlessly taking in everything that passes us by. Here is where the group did an exceptional job at meshing together their faith and more modern styles of the R&B scene today.

The group further goes on to prove that "Closet" was a platform to conceptualize their own faith amidst personal experiences and struggles. You can feel the passion emulating from their voices and the video itself, which is why it's safe to say that "Closet" is one experience R&B listeners should most definitely check out.

Half Mile Home did not fail to inspire with their release of "Closet." Check out the single and its accompanying music video today, available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome, Half Mile Home! Your recent song, "Closet," seemed to have quite the integral message embedded within its lyricism. Can you elaborate on the main effect you were hoping to impart to your audience with the overall takeaways in the song? "Closet" was birth with the intent to alert all mankind that the only way you’ll see a change in your current situation is going to your prayer Closet” Mathew 6:6.\

As a music group that has to work collectively to create such a flavourful and embellished sound, how would you describe the group's strategy for working effectively with one another to ensure the creative ends of each artist get blended in harmony? We vibe really well in the studio. Todd Burton, Aka Ty Traxx, produce all of our music as Dave Felder, AKA “Ready Writa,” flows with the pen. Then we add lear vocalist Deaken to the mix along with Lead vocalist Dave & that’s the sound of a Half Mile Home record. He’s also the CEO of our label Traxx Off Da Heezy, distributed by Empire. "Closet" has strong ties to the group's relationship with religion. Can you delve deeper into this for readers and describe each group member's personal connection to the song? Hello, I’m Todd Burton & This song is personal to me because I lost a child due to gun violence, & I’m often reminded that when I need strength, I must go to my prayer closet. When I’m weak GOD makes me strong. I couldn’t find a way to come out of that depressed state after my son was killed, But to GOD be the Glory I continued to hold on to the word of GOD & obeyed my scriptures Mathew 6:6.

What inspired the name for this recent song release from the group? Did "Closet" have any particular significance for any of you? The name Closet was short for Prayer Closet. & yes did have a significant meaning: being able to enter that secret place knowing where your breakthrough will come. What's next for you? Releasing The Prayer Closet Trilogy. Also releasing a movie this fall Starring Omar Gooding - Melvin Jackson Jr. of the Wire & Jessica Quintero & of course, Half Mile Home.