R.O Hutch's "Hammertime" is a Robust Hip-Hop Single with Adhesive Flow and Crisp Production

This past March, R.O Hutch dropped an E.P. worth diving into; this month, the robust sonic escapades continue with "Hammertime."

On the new slammer, "Hard to Hate," the North Carolina notoriety carousals with his meticulous stratagem of using trap rhythm and rap hustle to facilitate his come up. He's invested in what his latest Hip-Hop productions can impart to his audiences, and with the help of his argumentative flow, his latest single displays a fervent Rap approach that stimulates from your feet and all the way to your dome. 

"Tell me what you want, and I supply, too legit to quit, its hammer time," he croons, with tantalizing reverberations dissolving back into the voids of the scintillating backgrounds from which they came.

Hutch's powerful uttered symmetries glide between modern the Hip-hop aesthetics of J. Cole and a new-age rapper semantics you haven't heard yet, and it all lands from the song's initial rambunctious origins.

Bold 808s come inlaid beneath his gratifying hook, and tasteful adlibs facilitate the 32nd note hi-hat rolls, gleaming pads, and twinkles of moody tones that circumnavigate the drippy atmospheres of his festering sonic backdrop.

He finds purpose in making the kind of musical sorcery that stimulates the mind, and when he's not commanding over your head's bobbing motion, he's speaking to your soul. "Extendo clip locked, when we ride, it's a long night, out the window, tint dropped, when we slide know it's on sight," he versifies with a veteran MC cadence. 

COVID-19 may have paused R.O Hutch's live-show escapades nationally, but Raleigh's home-grown hot-shot still manages to rep his state and family with every modish Hip-Hop track he drops.

Listen to "Hammertime" here.

How did the idea and aesthetic behind "Hammertime" present itself to you initially? 

I was literally looking for a particular type of song to finish up my project/EP (H2H) and came across the production, I was intently intrigued and the lyric wrote themselves.

What were some of the key emotions you found yourself channeling into for your performance on "Hammertime?"

Extreme confidence. The feeling or desire to prove why you are who you say you are. I found it challenging which only added to my desire to deliver.

Does "Hammertime" have a particular message you wanted to convey to your audience? What sorts of sentiments were you trying to bring out in listeners?

Although I wouldn’t say there is a particular “message” I was trying to convey, however far as sentiment, it was just aimed to invoke a fun, party, dance energy.

If you could prefix "Hammertime" and the "Hard to Hate" E.P. with a few words that would highlight the intention behind your latest musical catalog, what would you say and why?

Hard to Hate.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The challenge to drop multiple projects and show consistently why I am an artist worth investing time and attention in. I am also driven by the passion to make good music. I feel my latest is always my greatest, so it excites me to think of how my next project will be.