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RA Light Wants His Listeners To Go Live Their Dream With “Ninja Go”

RA Light releases his single titled “Ninja Go” alongside Xeperr, and the lyrics were highly repetitive but addicting! “Why you so worried about me, ninja go live your, ninja go live your dream” it was cheeky and whimsical along with relatable! I’ve listened to this single a few times before writing this and after the second listening the song became immensely glued to my brain and I couldn’t help but repeat that lyric over and over again. This is a great sign that proves RA Light knows how to create a timeless effect on himself. What I also liked about “Ninja Go” was the incorporation of the spirituality RA light possesses. His consciously open-mind fusing together with trendy hip-hop is absolutely trailblazing and hypnotizing!

RA Light is a fearless artist who is far from your typical rapper. He delivers messages and holds a motto to each song he releases. “Ninja Go” was fluently dope but also motivationally inspiring. Who doesn’t love a great rap song that encourages its listeners to go out there and live your dream. Tackle your goals, maneuver through your obstacle, and be fearless, ironically just like a ninja, and even more ironically, just like RA Light is doing!

Check out "Ninja Go" here. Read more down below in our exclusive interview with RA Light.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how do you overcome these challenges?

Some of my early songs, the flow and delivery a lil soft, off point. Yet that all with the year 1 wrap (2017), which the recent songs is on pocket and shows an improvement. Major improvements in 2018, and this year alone with some stuff I can't wait to record.

Tell us about “Ninja Go” and the meaning behind it?

Ninja Go is a song that's kind of reflective, inspirational in that I suggest people not to worry about sh*t and live your life. As long as you harm none, do whatever you want. I made some references to the matrix, esoteric knowledge

What inspired you to write “Ninja Go”?

To inspire, encourage, has a definite positive message and vibe.

How does the title of the song reflect its meaning?

Ninja go reflect the hook which ends in Ni**a live your dream!

What’s next for you?

I'm dropping a couple singles and then my next album Round 2. Got some merch design floating around. Got to get a new mic and home for sure. More space, more time to work on art.


Keep up and stay connected with RA Light on the artists Instagram!


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