Rabbit Pays an Endearing Tribute to Her "Mama"

The Los Angeles-based contemporary folk artist, musician, and singer-songwriter Rabbit releases her tender sophomore single entitled "Mama."

Having performed in local Los Angeles venues for quite some time now, Rabbit recently ventured solo after taking part in the musical duo Alice and the Rabbit. After sharing many stages with notable artists and acts, Rabbit felt it was necessary to begin her solo career and fully flourish as a singer-songwriter.

Now releasing her soft and gentle sophomore single, "Mama," listers can introduce themselves to Rabbit's tender sounds and heartfelt lyrical themes by way of this powerful, emotionally charged piece. As she covers topics of fleeing from her mother's nest and acknowledging how her mother watched her grow, Rabbit truly tugs on our heartstrings.

Hitting play on "Mama," the soothing introduction opens with a bright ukulele melody and a haunting background organ. As Rabbit makes her way in, we're instantly captivated by her gentle and warm vocal tones, especially as she delves deeper into the song's heartfelt theme. While singing of the bittersweet moments of leaving home and beginning her venture of life, Rabbit pays an endearing tribute to her mother, who helped her blossom into the woman she is today.

As we reach the powerful hook, an entire whole-sounding instrumental pours over our speakers like a high tide, washing away our worries and stressors. We adore the delicate and fragile feel of this single, as the entire instrumental and Rabbit's savory performance truly bring an honest and genuine tear to the eye.

Don't forget to give "Mama" a call with Rabbit's latest heartfelt single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Rabbit and welcome to BuzzMusic. We truly appreciate the genuine and heartfelt theme of your latest single, "Mama." What inspired you to pay homage to mothers who watch their children grow and flee the nest?

Originally, I was actually trying to write a song for my own mother. I sat with the first line, "Are those lines 'round your eyes maps of tears you once cried?" for almost three months. What actually grew from that line is a song that is not only for her but for all the women I've encountered in my life personally and from afar that are affected by motherhood in its many different shapes. Motherhood doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. For so many women it can be a painful word. This song touches on the pain and joy that comes with being a mother, having a mother, and/or not choosing to be a mother. There are so many shades and scars that can come with motherhood, most of which are usually not visible to the naked eye. I also wrote this from a place in my heart that has grown solely from being a single mother, and I wrote this song to acknowledge those of us that may not feel as seen. I felt it was important to express that we do not all have to fit into any cookie-cutter idea of motherhood.

Why did you choose to keep the instrumentals so lush and gentle within your single "Mama?" Could you expand on your creative process?

I actually originally wrote this with a very simple arrangement on the ukulele. I had just started learning that instrument a few months prior and I really enjoyed marrying the lyrics I had written to such a simple tune. I knew I wanted fiddle and drums and a bit of organ (and I was so lucky to have Phoebe Silva, Nolan Levine, and my pops bring in those instruments), but much of the brilliant arrangement came from the people who helped me produce the song. My dad Doug Legacy brought a lot to the table with the recording and production, he's truly an inspiration. Joe Napolitano is a genius and he and his wife Jillinda Palmer put this song in a place that I could have never done without their expertise. I had an amazing team.

Was it challenging to open up and write about such honest, genuine, and heartfelt topics for "Mama?" Or was it easy for you to reflect on the role of motherhood?

Once I began to understand more what the concept of the song was actually going to be, it became quite easy. These lyrics are so personal and emotional for me in many different ways, so they really flowed.

We've heard that you have a forthcoming music video for "Mama." What sort of concept should we expect to see from the upcoming visual?

I am very excited to share this video. I had two phenomenal dancers LaQuelle Mills and Enissa Harris (Enissa was actually nearly 8 months pregnant for this shoot and it was so amazing watching her dance to this song). An old friend of mine and a very talented filmmaker, Tony Castellano, brought some beautiful camera work to the project, and I am so happy with what we made. The dancing was completely improvised and is full of so much emotion. The video is beautiful and somber and, in my opinion, really captures the feel of the song.

What's next for you?

I've been recording over the past few months, and I have a few songs I'm planning to release this year or at the beginning of next year. I just finished a shoot for another music video I will be releasing for my next single "Too Long". The release date is yet to be determined.