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Radiate In The Life You Own With Clane Matthew And G Action’s, “Like A Diamond”

Jamaica-native, Clane Matthew owes it all to his musically inclined ways. Learning about his ear for music in the sixth grade, he taught himself the trumpet, piano, and the art of writing music within a two-year time frame.

Although Jamaica hones in on reggae and dancehall, Clane Matthew grew up with a love for Hip-hop. Being caught in the web of flow, lyricism, and versatility by artists like Eminem, he took a liking to those speaking on society, truth, and reality.

Not in it for the fame or glory, Clane Matthew is taking it upon himself to become an idol to the future generations by providing positivity, knowledge, awareness, and peace to the youth. On a mission to have his work change the lives of millions across the globe, he hopes to be a glimpse of light that brings hope to this dark world.

Meshing together a similar mindset and creative drive, the ambitious team of Clane Matthew and G Action come together for the cognizant masterpiece, “Like A Diamond.”

Escorting lyrical motifs of aspiration and hunger through the day-to-day lives we live out, the filmic component of this feature closely follows a select few individuals as they carry on each day on the grind to the top. We have the chance to navigate around these normalities which make us each top contenders in the fight for better times ahead.

Implementing his mission statement throughout vivid soundscapes as such, we also get to feast upon the eye candy of Clane Matthew and G Action performing these notions to a fan base open to listening. Caught up in the landscapes of Jamaica, and the beauty laced within this country, what we feel when we take in each moment of “Like A Diamond” is compassion and familiarity that we can closely relate to in a poised fashion.

By showcasing the grippingly raw moments that most will look to mask on social media, it brings us all to a level playing field as we tackle this world together. “Like A Diamond” gleams with something we all need a little more of in our world, and that’s truth spun into heartfelt stories.

Congratulations on the release of the “Like A Diamond” music video. We admire the bright scenes which are filled with relatability throughout this piece. Were the visuals that are present always the vision you wanted to implement?

Thanks for having me! Yes, the visuals were always the vision I wanted. My manager and I were talking about making the video pop and stand out, so we started looking at different types of colors and sceneries in order to push the message. The abundance of green in the video describes “wealth, “prosperity” and “renewal”. Green also represents the desire for high achievement. With that being the case, the lyrics were a perfect combination of the colors. Other things like the water and locations were representations of the rewards you’ll earn if you choose to work hard and believe in yourself.

What was it like working with G Action in order to bring this message to your audience?

It was great! G Action is a whole vibe by himself. His energy and spirit light up the room; and I absolutely love how he doesn’t let his lack of vision affect his personality negatively, or let it dim his energy. He’s an absolute blast to be around and I’ll definitely be working with him again! He’s VERY talented as well. I have nothing but respect for him.

On set, were there any memorable moments that made filming the “Like A Diamond” music video that much more rewarding?

Yes! When we were shooting the scene in the river, the director told him to splash some water for effect and he wasn’t aware that I was right next to him at the time; so he started splashing frivolously. I was getting soaked and all the people on set were dying from laughter. I was too. Also, it was kind of his first time leaving the city and coming to the countryside. It was like a whole new world to him, and I absolutely enjoyed showing him around and having him experience the beauty.

What is the main message that you hope your audience can take away from this song?

I want the audience to know that nothing is impossible. There will be trials, there will be errors. There will be rejections and disappointments. At times you won’t have support and you’ll feel like the universe is against you; but if you trust in the process, work hard and block out the hate, then everything will manifest in due time.

What's next for you, Clane?

Well, I’ll be heading back to Jamaica in January. We have more videos to shoot, including one for G Action and also for Aisha Hayles. So for the next two months, it’s promotion, production, and videos.

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