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Radiate With Roaman's New Single "More Than Enough"

From acoustic folk to reggae, passing through gospel and hip hop vibes, singer-songwriter Roaman weaves an eclectic and unpredictable tapestry of memorable melodies and inspiring, thought-provoking lyrics with a clear intention in mind: uplift the spirit, shake the collective conscience, and remind us that “everyone is family and everywhere is home”.

Roaman just released his new single titled “More Than Enough.”  The joyful tune begins with a delighted acoustic guitar chord with support from a natural sounding bird tweedle. That bird sound was instantly my favorite. It curated the entire setting for the song for me. I envisioned myself outside on a grassy field, the weather just right, and the season is spring. An early morning and you hear the comforting sounds from the birds and the riveting tune from Roaman’s relaxing vocals. It gives a sense of home, and just brings a sudden urge of joy across your mood. You can’t help but become naturally buoyant due to the uppermost radiance displayed in “More Than Enough”. The song felt natural and uncompressed than many songs where artists tends to let the music make them instead of making the music themselves. Roaman had a vision, and properly executed it, delivering us a vibrant hit jingle we can cherish for a time of prosperity, replenishment, and happiness!

Stream Roaman's "More Than Enough" now on Spotify!


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