Radio Ritual is Seeping With Energy on Their Recent Single, "Dancing Dead"

The Los Angeles-based 5-piece Rock band Radio Ritual wraps us in their sonic storm with a powerhouse single titled "Dancing Dead."

Consisting of frontman Juan Carlos Sanchez, guitarists Burton Car and Mac Perez, drummer Eduardo Baldo, and Bassist Tinu Cer, Radio Ritual takes their heated stylings and push to be advocates for change amongst pressing social issues. Consistently exploring the vast dimensions of Rock 'n Roll, Radio Ritual has their sound crafted down to a T.

Through their latest single, "Dancing Dead," Radio Ritual engages listeners on quite a unique Rock 'n Roll experience through Juan Carlos' relatable yet conceptual lyricism. They are accompanied by the blistering layered guitars by Burton Car and Mac Perez with Tinu Cer's head-bopping bassline that carries the track's low-end alongside Eduardo Baldo's stomping drum patterns.

"Dancing Dead" begins with a vibrant intro through Tinu Cer's plucky bassline and Eduardo Baldo's high-end percussion lightly touching on cymbals. As Juan Carlos Sanchez enters the track with his animated and fierce vocals, he begins singing a story of not wanting to let someone go and engaging in the dead relationship they're trapped in.

The song's hook is incredibly electrifying, as Radio Ritual comes together to serve a striking atmosphere through their fresh and tightly-wound instrumentals and conceptual lyrical message. As Burton Car and Mac Perez scorch through the track's outro with ear-ringing solos, Radio Ritual has captured us within their blazing sound with ease.

Radio Ritual serves all the necessities to satisfy your Rock 'n Roll sonic cravings through their latest hit, "Dancing Dead." Not to mention the band's clever lyrical concept of a cyclical relationship, we can't get enough of what the boys have to offer.

Could you take us back to the beginning of your creative process for "Dancing Dead"? How did the song's inspiration come about?

I had a vivid dream that I was walking alone in a graveyard. I was calling out my lovers name whom I was not in good standing with. I called out her name and she didn’t answer. Over and over I called for her in a panic. I immediately thought either she or I were dead. I could hear the music I had written playing from somewhere. It sounded like it was coming from below my feet. I got on my knees and put my ear to the ground and suddenly I was swallowed up by the dirt. I was laying in a pile of bone and skeletons were surrounding me. Dirt in my mouth. They consumed me as if it was some kind of orgy of the dead. One of them spoke, she said “lets dance” and she kissed me. That's when I woke up..About a week after I came up with the music and the lyrics for first verse

Within the songwriting process for your single "Dancing Dead," how did you manage to come up with the theme of Dancing Dead when writing about a troubled relationship?

The song is about toxic relationships. At the time when I was developing the song I was swimming in them or drowning I should say. And I was trying to make the best of a few very bad situations and just embrace the darkness of it all. Instead of freak out. Which I was still doing internally on the DL. I felt nothing was going to change, and none of it was going to get better. I felt stuck. So, why not become one of the happy skeletons in one of those old cartoons. It’s an escapist view of making light of a dark time. But by the time the song was finished, my situation had changed for the better. I was in a much better place than before. Most of those toxic relationships ended or just went away as I was actively trying to change myself in a positive way.

How did the five of you record and create the instrumentals for your single "Dancing Dead"? How did you lay down your instrumentals to offer such heat and power?

We all learned the song one by one. During rehearsals, we played a lot with different guitar sounds for a bit, but Ed and Tinu are the ones that drive the song so they tackled their stuff first, Burton and Mac were in sync by the time they came to the studio and nailed their tracks. Vocals were last.

We've heard that you're putting the finishing touches on your upcoming debut EP. How does the forthcoming project help listeners get to know your band and sound better?

We hope listeners will hear a new style from us. Still Rock and Roll but a new Flavor. Kind of like your favorite ice cream flavor but then the damn ice cream man puts chocolate covered raspberries in it. Familiar yet tart, exciting, and delicious.

What has been keeping you inspired while creating new music this year?

The music keeps us going. And the challenge. This year has been so hard on everyone. With a deadly virus threatening our lives, music, band, livelihood, families, and friends, it's either the full monty or nothing.

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