Raging Bunch Simmers in the Moments of, "Finally Fine"

Creating music inspired by warm summer nights, chill vibes, and the fun that only comes from quality time with friends and loved ones, Raging Bunch boasts songs with catchy hooks and timeless sounds that embrace the vulnerability of young love and the glory of eternal youth and rebellion.

Radiating the type of warmth that originates from a longing sense of familiarity, Raging Bunch presents us with “Finally Fine,” the introductory single off of their album, ‘Peter Pandemic.’ With a tempo that sits in the inviting essence of upbeat rhythm, you can’t help but tap your fingers and toes along to the thought-provoking nature that “Finally Fine” conjures up.

Easing us into a narrative that circles around overcoming the repetitive heartbreak one experiences with an inconsistent and dissatisfied partner, Raging Bunch manages to reiterate this message to us all while exemplifying the feeling of liberation that’s sealed into this masterpiece.

We admire the saturated blanket of soothing vocal hues that cascade upon the bed of acoustic guitar strums and infectious grooves. Amalgamating the musicality in a way that has each respective element dynamically shining on its own and with one another, the appreciation we hear from Raging Bunch is reflected through their artistic techniques.

Taking the world by storm as they instill an enthralling appeal within the compositions they perform, there is something so alluring about the laid-back foundation cast out in “Finally Fine” that has us wanting to run back the record.

With a song like “Finally Fine,” honing in on what we feel are personal themes through the journey of life, what inspired you to make this track the introductory single of ‘Peter Pandemic?'

I like to start all of my albums with an upbeat/fun type of song with a hopeful message. It’s fun to start off with a happy tone.

We love how witty the play on words is that you use in the name of your 12 track project! Could you please take us behind the name and the overall concept that is laced into this collection of songs?

Initially, the album was just going to be called 'Peter Pan.' I am terrified of growing up and I def have a small case of “Peter Pan Syndrome.” I decided to call it 'Peter Pandemic' because I wrote most of the songs during the Covid-19 Pandemic- So it made sense for the time and I thought it sounded more exciting than just Peter Pan.

Could you please shine a light on each band member and how they contributed to the vision of “Peter Pandemic?"

I (Jayson Bunch) write all of the songs. I write all the chord progressions, lyrics, and melodies. I write mostly on guitar and a little on piano. Josh Brown is the type of guy that plays everything and plays everything at a high level. He does not do any of the basic idea writing but he makes the songs beautiful. The best way for me to describe our writing would be comparing it to a home building (I lay down the foundation and all the bones of the songs- and Josh comes in and builds the house and makes it pretty). Carter Stark is a great musician, but he specializes in managing all of the projects that we do. He keeps everything moving along smoothly. He is usually in front of the computer playing around with mixes and making sure we keep things in order. He also has great ideas when it comes to last-minute fireworks and flare.

Have you noticed a change in your mentality from the creation of “Finally Fine” to now? Do creating songs of this sort ultimately bring you closure?

100% I work through almost all of my emotions through songwriting. Finally Fine is 100% the truth about me getting over someone that I never thought I’d get over. I had a moment one day where I thought I was Finally Fine and I immediately went home and wrote a song about it. LOL see the video here of me the day I wrote it.