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Rags And Riches Releases Hypnotizing New Single "Speed of Sound"

Rags and Riches is a pop-rock band hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. With their adrenalized and American sound, the band originally consisted of brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt. After months of writing together, they added their long-time friends Gabe Adkins and Seth Shirley. Over the past two years, the band has discovered their unique sound, identity and aesthetic. While Lexington is their home base, and where they’ve recorded two albums, they’ve also set up shop in Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee working alongside multiple producers and engineers, including two time Grammy Award winner Tedd Tjornhom (Celine Dion - Ashes (from "Deadpool 2" Motion Picture Soundtrack), for King & Country, Mutemath).

BuzzMusic is thrilled to release a new single by Rags and Riches, “Speed of Sound”. The song immediately hooks you in with the first verse. The vocals draw you in with their magnetic charm, and the rest of the band grooves along seamlessly. This is a band that isn’t afraid to experiment with unconventional sounds either, with their guitar sometimes sounding like a powerful buzz saw. The arrangements are thoughtful and complex, and the band as a whole play together with an immense amount of composure. This is a great single from a polished sounding group. We recommend you give “Speed of Sound” a spin!

Don't miss out on Rags and Riches new single "Speed of Sound" and add it to your Spotify playlist!

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Hey guys, it's great to chat with you! You guys have moved around a bit, but being originally formed in Lexington, how would you describe the music scene there?

Lexington is pretty saturated with Country and Folk music but there is a growing scene with a lot of genres represented.

Can you briefly describe your process for writing music? How do you go from ideas to fully fledged songs?

Honestly, it's different for every song. Sometimes one of us will have a voice memo with a lyric or melody or Peyton (Drummer/Producer) may have a specific sound that evolves to a full song from there.

Who do you guys look up to as artists for inspiration or influence?

We are really into twenty one pilots, Judah & the Lion, The Band Camino, and Imagine Dragons right now. All of us personally have tons of influences that really comes out when we create our songs.

Is there a meaning or message in particular behind your new single, “Speed of Sound”?

Make every moment count. Life moves very fast and you have to make time work for you.

What can we hope to see from RAGS AND RICHES in the future?

More music. More tours. More Energy. We are the future.



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