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Rah’heim Creates A Sensational Hit, “Neveruary”

Rah’heim is a hip-hop artist and designer all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s been doing hip-hop way back since 2010 and has released a string of tapes showcasing growth through life and evolvement through music.

Rah’heim released the trail-blazing hit you won’t forget! His song titled “Neveruary” is the lead single off his album “LO Sweaters and Love Letters” and this highlights the entire theme of the project for me. The romantic lyrics that hints the theme of heartbreak and disappointment. “Neveruary” is a powerful record with heavy lyrical content that many people can relate to. The subdued elements of the music and the neo-soul delivery from Rah’heim was relaxing and brought a settling feeling of comfort to the listener. You can close your eyes and just allow yourself to roam freely within the music. This sensational single has such a poetically poised aesthetic it’s bound to create an environment of peaceful serenity while listening. You can grasp the idea that Rah’heim likes to incorporate his life experiences in his music, retelling stories of personal moments that can also be digestible for many of us who lives these day to day moments. The idea of “You’re not alone” is basically presented in an indirect manner. This song was beautiful. From the peaceful vocals floating in the background to his well executed rap, Rah’heim fabricated the most rejuvenating song I’ve heard in a while. Highly refreshing, and musically cleansing.

Listen to “Neveruary” here and get to know more about Rah’heim below!

Thank you for stopping by with us Rah’heim! Besides music, mind telling us a bit about your history in designing?

My history in designing goes back to me starting out doing music. I designed or gave artistic direction for all my tape covers. I’ve always took a lot of pride in my presentations it started out selling merch around town and at local shows that was the beginning then I started to think bigger bigger than music bigger than merch this is fashion I’m creating idols become rivals.

Now shifting the focus back to your music, talk to us about your album “LO Sweaters and Love Letters”, what was the major theme surrounding this project?

The major theme that surrounds this particular tape is my affinity for the vintage Ralph Lauren clothing and what that brand meant to hiphop at a time I’ve been most inspired by the 90’s . Love was also a central theme on this project from heart breaks and finding love or bonds with friends and family that are no longer.  This project offers a platelet of different colors and refreshing sounds all interwoven into a cohesive musical body of work. 

What emotion did you channel in while creating this project? Were there any challenges you’ve faced along the way?

Each song evokes a different emotion. For example The hopeless emotion was channeled on “Shaheed” a story about a basketball player destined to take his family out of poverty murdered while on break from college. The flip side of that could be love on “Neveruary a song about love and creating a life together with someone special. Legacy emotion was one confusion wrapped in masterful lyricisms one  of not being able to trust anyone from friends to people of government not knowing who’s out to get you. I think I cover enough in the time gave on the 8 song e.p. 

Which song off “LO Sweaters and Love Letters” you believe best represents its theme and why?

It’s not actually a song but it’s the intro to the tape that sets the tempo for what the listeners should expect. “LO ENDTRO” is a braggadocio air of confidence in ones ability to rhyme and represent for the culture at a high level. Lo Endtro is filled quotes reminiscent of hip hops golden era name dropping Ralph and Tommy and it’s sudden resurgence in the past few years for which I feel I’m kinda responsible for in my city. It also reminds the audience in particular those new to Rah’heim that I’m no new jack and as a veteran of this here art from I have every right to the respect I’ve been given. 

What can we expect next from you Rah’heim?

What’s next is the continued release of visual content monthly from my YouTube channel “96Era Inc” along with the late August release of 1992 and a winter tape release as well titled Live 96 


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