Rain Division Exacts their Command On Latest single "Drop Dead"

Luke Haider, the Pop, and Alternative-rock amalgamating artist behind Rain Division pitched a video idea to notary director Chris Honesto over the phone with indistinctive outlines describing what could only be described as some variation of a music video a disaster. In the end, the outcome effect was "Drop Dead," an open-ended conversation that makes this song present like some joke within a four-minute meme while being tastefully soundtracked by an enamoring R&B-blending rock band that divulges their magnetic hook with a quietly devastating topline.

Here, the song opens with a slapback of cross-sectioning echos that express reflective of the scratch found in old b-boy records. There's a powerful riff that hints at a saturating rock mix before Rain Division dips and swerves into a filtered out and hollowed section of clicks and plucks as we're soloed in on Luke Haider's envious voice. As the effects filter his echos as he pulls away, at this point we've been teleported and emerged into the gooey and dance-inducing chorus found at the core of this expansive alternative mix singing, "I don't give a damn what I said back then, I don't really care, you can go and drop dead!"

It's a song with the perspective of being the bad guy in a breakup, evident through the lyrics and the effective stanzas found within the straightforward orchestration Haider continues imparting at ends of this moody Alternative track. And as its punchy drums, low rumbling bass, and introspections within Rain Division's "Drop Dead" confer, we're absorbed by this track that crosses multiple genres with a precise and unmatched distinction, and the cheeky video attached.

What what the most challenging part behind the release of this single and filming its music video?

Honestly just getting the song exactly how I wanted it. Making sure that the song had both the anger and attitude that I wanted it to have without it being a strait metal song was definitely challenging, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I worked very hard on this one.

If you could describe the feelings you were trying to convey through this single in three words, which would you choose and why?

Bipolar. Angry. Dichotomy. I would use these three words because I wanted the chorus to be heavy and mean, I wanted the verse to be kind of softer and tell the story, but I also wanted to make sure there was kind of an opposites thing going on. The verses are soft and have an attitude, and the chorus is angry and shows that pure kind of mad emotion. I think there is a lot of dichotomy to a messy breakup, and I wanted to represent that in the song.

What has been a milestone you're excited about reaching this year in your artistic career?

The milestone that my mind is on right now is hitting 50k streams on Spotify this year. though it’s a small goal, that would be absolutely incredible!

What can we expect from you as we approach your next upcoming releases, and as you continue to develop and distinguish your sound and character this year?

I think I’ve finally figured out what Rain Division sounds like now, and I am really excited to continue creating songs. You can for sure expect another single and maybe just maybe a small EP this year. On one of the singles I have a very cool feature that I can’t say just yet, but I think people will enjoy the collaboration a lot.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout one of the most challenging years, 2020?

I have been very inspired by watching how other artists are tackling this crazy pandemic lifestyle we have all gotten thrown into. It really sucks not being able to play real shows right now, but what has been keeping me going is that when everything goes back to normal, Rain Division will be 100% prepared to hit the road and play a ton of shows promoting tons of new material. As a little tiny new baby artist, playing shows is one of the things I look forward to most. When that time comes it’s going to be a blast!