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RAINNE Is Taking Los Angeles by Storm

RAINNE is taking Los Angeles by storm. This Alt-Pop duo is drenched in emotional catharsis and darkness. The members of RAINNE consist of the classically trained stylings between Singer/Songwriter Annie Dingwall and Saxophonist/Engineer Justin Klunk. RAINNE has also had the opportunity of opening at the Hollywood Bowl for notable artists such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Camila Cabello, and more.

Their latest empowering release, "Nosebleeds," claps back at all the liars and cheaters. This single features Justin Klunk's high octane saxophones and the powerhouse vocals of Annie Dingwall.

When asked about the initial inspiration of the track, Annie Dingwall spilled the tea to BuzzMusic, saying that this song "was inspired by a breakup" she goes on to explain that "looking back, I realized how much I had let myself lower my standards and get taken advantage of in that relationship and vowed never to let it happen again." said that she, "wanted to write a song that hit back hard and served as a reminder to always know your worth and never lower your standards for someone else," and this track perfectly executes this desire.

Their ambitions and desire to stay authentic has made RAINNE a duo to watch for.

Discover more about RAINNE here.



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